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Recently, Cohen electric, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry and an expert in kitchen electrical quality manufacturing of all categories, will launch a new generation of Intelligent Cloud suction III T61 only two months after the launch of intelligent variable-frequency cloud suction II T60 range hood, further improving Cohen's intelligent layout in the range hood market. In just two months, two high-end intelligent range hoods have been launched, which reflects not only Cohen's advantages in kitchen electrical technology innovation and future core competitiveness, but also the general trend of high-end kitchen electrical intelligence

in fact, it is not only the top ten brands in China's kitchen appliance industry, but also the whole kitchen appliance industry is developing towards intelligence. Cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data are becoming the strategic focus of most Chinese and foreign household appliance enterprises, but this does not mean that every enterprise is truly intelligent. In the context of Internet +, almost all products have begun to integrate intelligent elements. However, at present, many so-called intelligent household appliances in the market focus more on product interconnection: adding a remote control module or a simple induction module to realize the so-called remote control. This is essentially a gimmick, because the so-called intellectualization of these products does not apply intelligent technology to the core functions of the products, but only adds a so-called interconnection concept function to the products

for consumers, product intelligence should not be a concept, but a more efficient solution to users' core pain points. In terms of range hood, the real pain point of users is the effect of range hood. Therefore, Cohen appliances, the top ten brands in China's kitchen electrical industry and the expert of kitchen electrical quality manufacturing of all categories, has focused on the intelligent field of product core functions and technology. Cohen cloud suction III series T61 takes advantage of the three core technologies of "butterfly wing ring suction technology", "intelligent suction and exhaust system" and "high-efficiency static suction" and the best user experience it brings. It provides new functions with intelligent suction and exhaust, efficient lampblack control without smoke in all directions and kitchen air management as the core, bringing users a truly healthy, environmental friendly and intelligent cooking experience, and then winning users

in short, the key to the intellectualization of Cohen appliance cloud suction range hood, one of the top ten brands in China's kitchen appliance industry and an expert in kitchen appliance quality manufacturing, is to change the working mode of traditional range hood passively adapting to Chinese cooking, redefine the range hood, focus on the use experience of product intelligence, truly realize the intellectualization of core functions, and make cooking easier and more pleasant, It highlights Cohen's technical attitude and accumulation in intelligence, and leads the evolution of the range hood industry towards a more practical and intelligent direction





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