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For the decoration of new commercial houses, some owners believe that it is not necessary to carry out the overall transformation of the water circuit; Old second-hand houses can be decorated, and some owners are not confident about local reconstruction

when decorating a new commercial house, some owners think it is unnecessary to carry out an overall transformation of the water circuit; Old second-hand houses can be decorated, and some owners are not confident about local reconstruction. Should the hydropower transformation of second-hand house decoration be partial or overall? What problems should we pay attention to in local reconstruction? The reporter interviewed gongtingxi, the head of Jiangsu decoration supervision station

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it is best to replace wires and water pipes

compared with the decoration of new houses, which lines should be reconstructed and which can be retained in the decoration of second-hand houses? Gong Tingxi said that taking wires as an example, old houses before 1995 generally do not use copper core wires, but aluminum wires that are easy to age, and it is best to replace them during secondary decoration. In addition, the water pipes of some old houses are made of galvanized materials, which are easy to rust and rot after years of use, and form a very thick alkali, which affects the quality of drinking water. It is also recommended to replace them with PPR pipes. If it is really inconvenient to replace the pipe with PPR pipe during the secondary decoration, the corresponding drinking water filtration device should also be added to it

waterproofing works must be redone

in addition to wires and water pipes, waterproofing should also become a problem that must be paid attention to in the renovation of water and electricity in the decoration of second-hand houses. Gongtingxi said that the new commercial housing also saves a lot of trouble in this regard. Usually, developers will carry out waterproof tests on the housing before delivery. Generally, there is no problem in waterproof. But after years of use, the old house is likely to leak. The owner must remind the home decoration company to do a waterproof test before decoration

in addition, when decorating second-hand houses, if the tiles need to be replaced, special attention should also be paid to prying the tiles. Try to avoid cracking the waterproof when prying the tiles, which will cause problems. Therefore, if the second-hand house is decorated with tiles removed, it should be retested later to ensure that there is no problem with waterproof

sockets need to be added for strong current transformation

with more and more household appliances, lighting equipment is also becoming more and more colorful, so switches and sockets need to be added in many places. Before the decoration of second-hand houses, it is best to plan in advance and do a good job in wiring during the decoration. The switches and sockets reserved in the old houses are generally not enough. Generally speaking, a room should be equipped with at least 3 sockets, and the number of sockets in a two bedroom residence should be no less than 15, and the number of switches should be no less than 8. The switch height of the same room should be the same. Generally, the switch should be 1.4 meters away from the ground, and the socket should be 0.3 meters away from the ground. The switch of the porch and living room should be set at a place easily accessible to the owner

in addition, pay attention to the distribution box when carrying out strong current transformation. The power distribution settings of many old houses are relatively old, and the power ratio is not reasonable, so they need to be reset. Gong Tingxi reminded the owner that when resetting the distribution box, it is best to set a single circuit for the air conditioner, a single circuit for the lighting, a single circuit for the ordinary socket, and a single circuit for the socket in the kitchen and bathroom as needed

weak current is best to be completely re distributed.

in recent two years, people's demand for weak current lines has increased. Telephone, television, intercom, network, etc., are many things that the old house has not considered, which requires the owner to rewire when decorating the second-hand house

Gong Tingxi reminded home decoration owners that when discharging network lines, they need to first determine whether the owners use community broadband or install ADSL by themselves, and then determine where to place routers in their homes. In addition, when installing the intercom system, electricians are also required to operate and construct according to the specifications to ensure clear sound or image

it is recommended to remove all galvanized pipes

the galvanized pipes and valves used in many old houses often leak water, slip wire and other phenomena, which are not easy to close the water, not good-looking, and inconvenient to use. It is best to replace them all

Gong Tingxi told reporters that in the reconstruction of water supply and drainage, the original pipeline must be removed first to determine the new water supply positions of kitchen and bathroom showers, wash basins, toilets, washing machines, vegetable washing basins and so on. When replacing the pipeline, be sure to close the main valve to avoid water leakage





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