Decorator accidentally soiled the owner's clothes

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The decorator accidentally soiled the owner's clothes when carrying out high-altitude lighting operation on the 16th floor. In a fit of anger, the owner cut the master's spare safety rope. The master suffered skin trauma during jumping, but fortunately, it did not lead to a greater safety accident. At present, the angry owner Jin has been administratively detained

on January 10, master Zhou, a decorator, and his colleagues carried out community lighting and exterior wall maintenance in Shangchao community, Zhuankou city. At about 2:00 p.m., while they were working at heights on the 16th floor, an owner suddenly angrily came to the balcony and said that master Zhou had soiled his clothes hanging outside when painting the wall, asking master Zhou to compensate for his losses. Master Zhou saw footprints on the clothes hanging outside the 16th floor wall. He didn't know whether he or his colleagues had accidentally soiled it, so he immediately apologized to the owner. Due to the danger of working at heights, master Zhou dared not be distracted, so he told the owner that he would contact the company's leaders for negotiation after going downstairs

"calling leaders to negotiate is not official?" Hearing this, the owner, Mr. Jin, suddenly became angry. "If you don't pay me now, I'll cut your rope!" As master Zhou was high in the air, it was inconvenient to talk with Mr. Jin in detail, so he ignored Mr. Jin and continued to paint with his colleagues. Before long, master Zhou heard a click, and his spare safety rope collapsed. Looking up, the owner, Mr. Jin, was cutting the safety rope with a art knife

seeing this scene, master Zhou was worried that the main safety rope on his body was also cut off by the other party, so he immediately jumped down along the safety rope, and the colleague who stepped down first hurriedly picked up master Zhou on the ground. Due to the rapid decline, master Zhou's arms and elbows were skinned by the wall. After coming down, master Zhou hurriedly called the police

soon, the police rushed to the scene and took both sides back to the police station for investigation after learning that master Zhou was only injured by skin and did not need to go to the hospital. After inquiry, the owner Jin admitted the illegal fact of cutting the spare safety rope. At present, Jin was administratively detained by Hubin police station for allegedly endangering the personal safety of others, and the case is under further investigation





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