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Us Research Report on overseas impact on the printing industry recently, a critical look at overseas printing, a report made by us strategies for management, was officially published

according to the report, the printing industry in the United States is facing strong challenges from overseas printing enterprises, and this challenge is obviously not a temporary trend. The report alleges that in the past, printing quality, delivery time, transportation cost, logistics and language and cultural background all limited the development of overseas printing. However, with the changes of a series of technical and economic factors, the barriers for buyers of printing services in the United States to develop overseas have been broken. Now, American printing enterprises must face up to the competitive pressure from overseas

according to the introduction, the research findings of the report:

- all the problems in this aspect of the printing services interviewed are not particularly obvious on the static experimental machine. The purchasers said that at present, the top overseas printing enterprises, in terms of printing quality, should also grease the lead screws and columns to be the same as those of American enterprises

- due to the extensive use of advanced calibrated digital proofing equipment and CTP system, the printing quality of overseas printing enterprises has been significantly improved in recent years, which also greatly increases the confidence of overseas enterprises

- buyers of printing services find that with the increasing popularity of Internet and PDF workflow, it is easier to sign printing contracts and manage printing business

- in order to shorten the delivery time, overseas printing enterprises will even transport by air

The main elements exceeding the standard are cadmium, mercury, arsenic and fluorine

- the quotation of overseas printing enterprises is generally 30%~50% lower than that of domestic enterprises in the United States, and this price has included the transportation cost

- when undertaking business, some overseas printing enterprises also help their business customers undertake some design business by building a vertical and professional network platform, so as to strengthen their competitiveness. This is very common among Indian enterprises

the report also puts forward its own views on how American printing enterprises should deal with this competitive pressure. After all, economic globalization is a general trend. The key is not to set up obstacles to prevent others from participating in competition, but to find suitable market positions and opportunities in this global market

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