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US steel mills come to China for financing: they plan to "return the manufacturing industry to the United States" through eb

, and ask to investigate whether steel imports threaten US national security. Trump's policies have greatly boosted the domestic steel enterprises in the United States. On May 15, the China first meeting of EB-5 industrial project BRS (big river stell) Dahe special steel plant project was held in Shanghai. It is planned to raise $200million through EB-5 investment and raise 400 investors

Dahe special steel plant is located in Osceola, Arkansas, in the central United States, adjacent to the Mississippi River. The project is jointly invested by Koch industries, TPG and ATRs. Among them, Koch industries group is the largest shareholder, accounting for 40% of the shares. The project is managed by Songzhou regional center. The partner that Songzhou regional center is looking for in China is Shanghai Airlines immigration. 3. electromechanical: excellent electronic universal experimental motor adopts exchange servo speed regulation system

Xiao Du, the principal and expert of Shanghai Airlines immigration who is mainly responsible for the immigration project, said in an exclusive interview, "Arkansas is close to and moving towards the industrialization of the Mississippi River. There are several large steel plants near the Mississippi River. Arkansas has comparative advantages in land and water transportation, labor costs, land costs and so on. Therefore, Arkansas very much hopes that this project can fall into their region, actively proposes various preferential policies such as tax cuts, and supports the issuance of bonds through a single independent law on steel projects."

bbc also reported at the end of 2014 that after years of negotiations, Dahe steel plant was settled in osiola, mainly because Democratic officials of local and state governments promised incentive policies

according to the data, the total investment of the new material industry good news project of Dahe special steel plant is US $1.67 billion. The infrastructure construction began in July 2014 and officially opened on March 1, 2017. "Up to now, two of the three production lines have been in normal production, and the other one is in the process of assembly," Shaw said

according to the official of Dahe special steel plant, the company mainly uses electric arc furnace for steelmaking. The equipment supplier is SMS Siemag, a world-famous metallurgical equipment manufacturer. It mainly produces high-quality special steel such as top-level high-strength steel, high-efficiency electrical steel and energy pipeline products, with a design annual capacity of 1.65 million tons

the electric arc furnace urgently needs to vigorously develop the new material industry. Steelmaking refers to using scrap as the main raw material to heat and melt the furnace charge by using the high temperature of the electric arc generated between the graphite electrode and the metal material. Electric arc furnace is mainly used to produce special steel and high alloy steel with short process. Compared with blast furnace and converter steelmaking, electric arc furnace has the advantages of simple smelting equipment, less investment and environmental protection. Electric arc furnace steelmaking is widely used in Europe and the United States. Due to the shortage of power prices and scrap resources in China, electric arc furnace steelmaking is not the mainstream

Dahe special steel works aims to raise US $200million through EB-5. Xiao Du told pengpai, "this $200million is mainly used to replace bridge financing, that is, to replace short-term relatively high-cost capital with long-term cheap capital, while the EB-5 cycle is generally long."

it is worth noting that the above $200million target group is actually Chinese investors. According to the EB-5 visa statistical report for fiscal year 2016 (October 1, 2015 to September 30, 2016) officially released by the United States, during this period, Chinese people obtained 7516 permanent residence green cards, accounting for 75.6%. In fy2014, 85% of the applicants who obtained permanent residence visas through the program came from China

under the EB-5 project, as long as foreign investors invest 500000 US dollars in low employment areas in the United States to create 10 jobs, the United States can issue permanent residence green cards to applicants and their families. The project issues about 10000 green cards every year

compared with the familiar real estate projects in the past, steel projects are still new in EB-5. Xiao Du said frankly, "Chinese people have a natural love and familiarity with real estate. The real estate model is relatively simple, either rent it or sell it. Investors can understand it, so real estate projects were popular in the market a few years ago. Industrial projects such as iron and steel require some investment. Market education is needed in technology and model. It really takes some time."

in fact, the increasing number and scheduling of EB-5 fraud cases in the United States are prompting the reform of the EB-5 regional center act in the United States. However, since 2015, after seven extensions, the bill reform has not yet been implemented. The latest progress is that it will be extended to September 30th, 2017

Xiao Du told pengpai that for Chinese immigrant investors, the possible increase in the investment threshold brought about by the bill reform should be the biggest impact, "the increase in prices will cause some investors to fail to meet their asset conditions."

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