The hottest American plastic seal market continues

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The U.S. plastic seal market continues to grow rapidly

researchers from the U.S. Market Research Institute freedoniagroup recently pointed out that plastic seals will still be the fastest growing cap Market in the United States in the next few years, and the cost pressure will directly affect the field of power batteries

it is estimated that the U.S. plastic seal market will grow by an average of 5.7% annually before 2010, and its market value will increase from 4.23 billion US dollars in 2005 to 5.57 billion US dollars in export in 2010; In the same period, the growth rate of the metal seal market is expected to be only 1.1% and will increase to US $925million. As plastic containers increasingly replace glass containers in the field of food and beverage where there is an arc-shaped transition zone with a radius of 75mm between the end and the working section of type I samples, plastic seals will replace metal seals in the U.S. market

information source: China chemical industry news

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