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reader's Digest has stepped up its digital transformation efforts

on the morning of October 8, Beijing time, Liz Vaccariello, President of reader's Digest, said that the magazine that will affect the service life of the device has launched a digital transformation, especially this year. In the future,

vacarello said that reader's Digest hopes to attract more readers through tablet computers. By December this year, the sales of its digital version is expected to surpass that of its printed version

compared with other public reading materials, reader's Digest has been performing poorly in recent years. In 2009, the number of issues was reduced from 12 to 10, the minimum circulation was reduced from 8million to 5.5 million, and even applied for bankruptcy

however, the magazine has recovered a little. Since January this year, the company has changed back to publishing once a month. Vacarello said that reader's Digest is expected to sell 211000 digital publications in December this year, three times as many as 65000 in August 2011. However, this is partly due to the rising sales of the magazine during the shopping season

vacarello said that reader's Digest is currently the second best-selling magazine in Amazon's Kindle Store; Apple also revealed to it that the magazine is also the most profitable application of its kind. Vacarello also increased the influence of the magazine on social media. She pointed out that the company has attracted 1.15 million like button clicks on Facebook and scored 88 points in klout

since joining reader's Digest last November, vacarello has reduced the size of the organization, so that every full-time employee can work in both digital and print editions. The company has also adjusted the content of the digital version to give full play to the advantages of tablets

in addition, the company also launched content such as video and rich media for the digital version. Vacarello added that the book reviews and excerpts of the magazine have been highly praised by many tablet readers

vacarello also said that although it needs to attract more readers, reader's Digest has strong brand recognition. People grew up with reader's Digest. She said that their grandparents had read the magazine and it was part of their family. This has laid a good foundation for us. We have started our second journey

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