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Saishipin the United States will help China's automobile lightweight

recently, saishipin vio (Tangshan) structural composite materials Co., Ltd., a joint venture between CSP and vio rail group, opened in Tangshan motor train city. The company will provide leading green environmental protection and lightweight composite materials and products for construction machinery, trucks, buses and cars

it is understood that the joint venture's products with advanced production technology include class a surface car body covering parts, structural parts, underbody structural parts, car body interior trim parts, well cover pressure testing machines in the air conditioning system market, and many beautiful bases, building materials and industrial parts. Thanks to the advanced technology and R & D capability of the joint venture, its products can provide a variety of lightweight solutions, which can promote the development of China's automotive industry. For example, the ultra light reinforced class a surface material (TCA Ultra Lite) provided by the joint venture is a revolutionary TCA composite material, which can provide a weight reduction ratio equivalent to that of aluminum and retain the unique progressiveness of TCA materials. Compared with traditional steel, the weight reduction rate of the same component using lightweight composite materials can reach% at most. For the whole vehicle, every 10% weight reduction means that the fuel economy has been improved by 6%~8%

it is understood that TCA Ultra Lite, an advanced composite material developed by SP in the fixture to avoid specimen slippage and fracture, was once shortlisted for the "enlighten Award" of the United States in 2015

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