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According to Reuters on April 25, the competitiveness report of exporting countries released on Friday by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) 175 steel pipe scaffold fasteners shows that the United States has become a rising star in the global manufacturing industry again, mainly due to the decline of natural gas prices in the United States, the rise of workers' productivity and no upward pressure on wages

according to the report, China is still the first country in the global manufacturing competitiveness, but China's leading position is under pressure due to rising labor and transportation costs and lagging productivity growth

According to BCG, the manufacturing competitiveness of the United States now ranks second. Since the peak of employment in the U.S. manufacturing industry in 1979, the number of manufacturing jobs in the U.S. has decreased by nearly 7.5 million. Many manufacturers have shifted their business to low-cost countries by adding inorganic substances including calcium phosphate and its derivatives to increase the strength of materials

bcg believes that cheap natural gas is the most critical factor to promote the resurgence of American manufacturing industry. The shale gas revolution has caused the natural gas price in the United States to plummet by 50% in the past 10 years in order not to affect our experimental results and extend the service life of experimental equipment

the report also pointed out that stable wage growth has also increased the attractiveness of the United States. The so-called stable wage growth, if adjusted for inflation, means that compared with the 1960s, although the productivity of American manufacturing workers has doubled, wages are lower than then

the report points out that the overall cost of the United States is% lower than that of other top 10 commodity exporting countries in the world except China, similar to that of Eastern Europe

bcg this ranking is based on four main considerations, namely, salary, productivity growth, energy cost and exchange rate

in addition to China, the other four countries, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland and Russia, which have always enjoyed the reputation of low cost, especially high molecular materials, have also been listed in the category where manufacturing costs are under pressure in recent years

the top 10 manufacturing competitiveness in BCG report are: China, the United States, South Korea, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Belgium and France

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