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Under the upsurge, the application and industrialization of artificial intelligence will accelerate

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in recent years, artificial intelligence has become a favorite in the capital market. Some experts predict that AI is expected to usher in a pattern of expanding application scope in 2019. While the investment in this field continues to maintain a high-speed growth trend, a number of pseudo artificial intelligence enterprises will also face elimination

artificial intelligence has received hot attention

in the past two to three years, the hottest thing about artificial intelligence may be "man-machine war". Alpha go successively competed with dozens of go masters in China, Japan and South Korea in 8 items of elasticity and maximum experimental power, without losing a single performance, among which it won two world champions of go, Ke Jie and Li Shishi. For a time, artificial intelligence became the object of contention

according to the statistics of China information and Communication Research Institute of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the total investment in global artificial intelligence (AI) in the first half of last year was US $43.5 billion, and China accounted for more than 70%; As of the third quarter of last year, there were 5159 global AI companies, almost 20% of which were in mainland China, and as many as 445 in Beijing - some industry insiders said that China has surpassed the United States to become the country with the largest number of AI innovative enterprises in the world

The cvsource report developed by investment information shows that 2013 was the first year of AI, and 21 AI start-ups in China were financing that year. This data has soared suddenly since 2018: the number of financing events in the first quarter of the year soared to 130, with a total amount of 40.2 billion yuan, more than the whole year of 2017. It is noted that the total financing of Chinese AI companies in 2018 was 113.1 billion yuan, of which Shang Tang, Kuangshi, Yitu and Yun received more than 20 billion yuan from four companies in total

obviously, artificial intelligence has received hot attention from the capital market. It is found that since 2017, Intelligent Technology Industrial Park has become a hot project in all parts of China. "Before 2017, the number of Internet finance industrial parks was the largest, with more than 30 provincial and municipal parks. After that, it was quickly replaced by intelligent technology industrial parks, with an amazing growth rate. As of May this year, there were 18 industrial parks/Centers/bases approved by the provincial government in the name of intelligent technology, intelligent industry, intelligent manufacturing, etc., and a total of 66 approved by the prefecture and municipal governments. The number of prefecture and municipal parks reached the peak of Internet finance 3.5 times of the period. " Insiders said

are eager to take advantage of this trend

with the decline and saturation of the PC industry and the intelligent industry year by year, artificial intelligence is generally considered to be the next outlet by the outside world. Therefore, taking advantage of this upsurge has naturally become the greatest desire of many enterprises. Some well-known foreign enterprises have launched their own AI chips. For example, Intel has launched multi-core CPU, NVIDIA has launched GPU for artificial intelligence, Altra has launched FGPA for artificial intelligence, and even Tesla, which is committed to building electric vehicles, has announced that it will develop artificial intelligence chips not long ago. Domestic institutions are also unwilling to let the market be bypassed. The Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the Cambrian chip, and zhongxingwei also developed Xingguang intelligent No. 1. At the end of 2017, horizon launched its own AI vision processor, and huaxiaxin also released its own "Songjiang" and "Polaris"

behind such a hot phenomenon, many enterprises under the banner of artificial intelligence began to worry. "At present, the data collection of analog signals is completed by an a/d converter. The concept of playing is a phenomenon in the current industry." A person who has long paid attention to the field of artificial intelligence told that whether it is a bitcoin miner or a DSP, it has become an artificial intelligence chip company. In the process of consulting, it was also confirmed by some materials. At present, the propaganda and introduction of domestic companies that have completed financing all mentioned artificial intelligence without exception

however, under the surface of the hot market, many industry experts and people have raised concerns. The relevant person in charge of Everbright new economy investment pointed out: "although it seems that AI has entered many fields, such as people's daily life, such as urban monitoring and management, the landing is not enough, which is also related to the fact that the development of AI has gone beyond the concept of the technology industry."

some experts predict that the investment in artificial intelligence is expected to continue to maintain a high-speed growth trend in 2019, but the commercialization pressure will also increase accordingly. If a suitable landing scenario is not found, 90% of artificial intelligence start-ups will face failure

Liu Jiong, chairman of Lanting capital, believes that a large number of start-ups have emerged in the field of artificial intelligence in China in the past two years, and a number of enterprises have reached the world leading level in the fields of face recognition, automatic driving and natural language interaction. However, at the same time, there are still a large number of enterprises that have not found a clear way to realize their business, which has become a difficulty for the sustainable development of Chinese AI enterprises

turbulence hidden under the tuyere

swarmed up and developed in clusters, which also planted the seeds of anxiety in the field of artificial intelligence

an unnamed investor criticized the current phenomenon in the industry. "Big data, cognitive technology, computer vision, natural language processing... But few people really understand it." The source criticized that this prosperity has just provided a hotbed for many enterprises to make up for

during the visit, some competent AI enterprise stakeholders also criticized the industry for being full of too many "pseudo intelligence". "Most entrepreneurs have not been exposed to some core algorithms, but can only play with concepts. Taking image recognition as an example, only individual giants can achieve the recognition accuracy of more than 99%, and many start-ups only stay at the level of about 80%, but these start-ups still hold the banner of holding the core technology and swagger through the market."

according to insiders, a large part of data companies closely related to artificial intelligence earn price differences by reselling data. There are many data sources, but the control accuracy is low, and they come from the black market. This has had a devastating impact on the development of artificial intelligence. "If the underlying data is false and inaccurate, no matter how good and advanced the analysis model is, it is impossible to parse the correct results."

the upsurge effect of artificial intelligence also provides an opportunity for some training institutions to launch "Ai professional training classes" one after another, but the inside story was exposed by the media before. The teaching content is relatively backward. The actual combat of the project is to call several teachers to learn while teaching

"at present, the biggest weakness restricting the healthy development of the industry from import to production is the weakness of basic research. To develop artificial intelligence, we must increase basic research, master key core technologies, and enhance the ability of originality and application." Chenhaibo, chairman and founder of Shenlan technology, said

some industry experts pointed out that with the influx of a large number of funds, more and more companies began to label AI, and more and more AI start-ups were out. Blind entrepreneurship and fanatical investment will make the industry difficult to develop healthily, and risks and opportunities coexist. Now the AI industry can only squeeze out the foam before it can break and then stand

It is inevitable that various foam and some chaos will appear under the boom, but artificial intelligence will move forward. The white paper on industrial application of artificial intelligence development issued by the China Academy of information and communications pointed out that at present, the application and development system of domestic artificial intelligence industry has initially taken shape, and artificial intelligence products will achieve greater breakthroughs in continuous iteration and be more widely used in production and life. Artificial intelligence will empower all walks of life like hydropower, and the application and industrialization of artificial intelligence will speed up

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