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Apple's quality testing

Apple glass quality testing - glass four point bending testing machine

according to the latest manufacturer's insider information, iphone5 will bring a new round of surprise to Apple users in October this year. More durable polymers such as thermoplastic polyurethane, polycarbonate and nylon in Apple accessories will also win a certain market share. The industry is waiting for the latest trend of iphone5, and the attention of iphone4/4s begins to decrease significantly. But whether iphone4/4s or iphone5, the quality and function of its accessories are always the focus of users

previously, many manufacturers have been concerned about a series of routine tests on the round shaft of the accessories. However, based on the experience accumulated in the mechanical performance testing equipment industry for more than ten years, Shanghai Qingji Instrument Technology Co., Ltd. and the Japanese Electronic Technology Association and industry personnel summarized a set of new glass four point bending testing machine developed for testing the four point bending strength of glass, This equipment can be used to check and increase the friction between the working oil cylinder and the piston and the four point tensile strength test of the glass when the guide wheel on the side of the workbench moves along the pillar. In addition, it also includes some test functions that can be achieved by the conventional testing machine, such as tension, compression, shear, peeling, puncture, fatigue and so on. Its glass four point bending test method leads the forefront of industry technology, with high cost performance! Nowadays, there are more and more accessory manufacturers cooperating with Shanghai Qingji company. Shanghai Qingji company can become a glass inspection company The supplier of special alloy company's equipment is not accidental. It is inseparable from the perfect cooperation with the whole team of tilt technology company's innovative research and development, strict production, targeted sales and good after-sales service. I hope Shanghai Qingji company will achieve greater success in the testing machine industry! I also wish Apple hand an unprecedented success in the Chinese market! Glass products include: four point bending testing machine, four point bending testing machine, apple glass four point bending testing machine

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