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Analysis and treatment of quality faults of two-color flexographic printing machine (II)

II. Inaccurate or unstable printing position of layout graphics and texts quality fault

1 The printing position caused by corrugated board warping is incorrect

if the corrugated board is warped, the corrugated board is prone to slip in the process of positioning and feeding, making it form a highly rigid portal frame structure, and even the rules on the machine may not contact the paper edge, resulting in inaccurate or unstable printing position of the board. Therefore, for warped corrugated board, when feeding and printing, try to use the relatively flat paper edge as the regular paper edge for positioning. In addition. We should pay attention to the control of the quality source, and make the machine speed and preheating temperature through the reasonable control of the operation process of the single-sided machine; The moisture content of the base paper is in a relatively coordinated state with the preheating area. At the same time, when distributing paper, it should be noted that the box board paper and corrugated paper with similar moisture content should be mounted and formed. In this way, the corrugated board produced has relatively good flatness, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of printing

2. Incorrect printing position caused by improper operation process

if the plate loading position is improper, it is also easy to cause inaccurate printing position of the plate. Because the corrugated board with warping defects just enters the plate cylinder, if there is a small amount of slip, the trailing tip of the board will appear obvious deflection. Therefore, if there is a chromatic layout on one side of the corrugated board, the paper feeding position should be oriented towards the starting position of the drum as far as possible, and the position of the plate loading should be determined according to this, so as to improve the overprint accuracy of the corrugated board

avoid the impact of secondary pollutants on the atmospheric environment 3 Inaccurate positioning caused by poor machine

when the chain, rules and other parts of the machine are loose, it is also easy to cause common faults and solutions of the ring stiffness testing machine. The printing position of the layout is inaccurate. For this, corresponding measures should be taken to repair it. Only after the loosening of the parts is eliminated can the accuracy of the printing position of the corrugated board be guaranteed

information source: China Packaging Fujian Putian printing factory Kang qilai

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