The 2.2 million ton paraxylene project of Xincheng

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Xincheng 2.2 million ton paraxylene project in India was put into operation

Xincheng 2.2 million ton paraxylene project in India was put into operation

January 4, 2017

[China paint information]

according to new Delhi, Platts energy on December 29, Indian oil refining and petrochemical giant Xincheng industries said in a statement late Wednesday that the company had recently put into operation the first phase of a 2.2 million ton/year paraxylene plant in Jamnagar

the statement said that this new plant will double the annual production capacity of p-xylene of Xincheng Industrial Company to 4.2 million tons, which will make Xincheng industrial company become the second largest p-xylene producer in the world, and its p-xylene production capacity and output will account for 9% of the global p-xylene production capacity and 11% of the output at that time

Anbani, chairman and general manager of Xincheng Industry Co., Ltd., said that the commissioning of this new p-xylene plant marked the beginning of a series of project climaxes. 1. Jinan assay sampling method began, including refinery waste gas cracking unit, ethane import project and petroleum coke gasification project

Ambani added that the latest trend of these building materials is plastics, recycled materials and green building products, which is part of the largest contemporary investment to meet the physical and chemical performance test methods of national standard wood-based panels and decorative wood-based panels, with an investment of more than 1 trillion rupees (US $14.7 billion)

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