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On July 20, 2006, Arlington, Virginia - PMMI will publish a new safety standard for packaging and packaging related processing machinery

this revised version was adopted as a national standard of the United States and is consistent with international (ISO) and European (EN) standards. It includes the introduction of risk assessment methods for identifying risks, analyzing the risks of accidents to people and reaching an acceptable level

the requirements of this standard apply to new, improved or rebuilt packaging machinery for industrial and commercial purposes that serve the primary, secondary and tertiary industries. This standard describes the process of identifying hazards, assessing risks and reducing risks to an acceptable level throughout the life cycle of packaging machinery

fred Hayes, manager of PMMI technical services, statement "No matter whether the supplier or user of packaging machinery operates special equipment, it must be clear and reach 16. Before the pendulum impact tester test, it is necessary to comprehensively check whether each mechanism is within the normal and acceptable risk range. Although the responsibilities of the supplier and user are different in the whole life cycle of packaging machinery, they use the same risk assessment procedure. The supplier and user are identified separately or jointly within the scope of their respective work activities Risk, assess and reduce the risk to an acceptable level. "

this version integrates the requirements of iso12100 Part 1 and 2, iso14121 and American standards. Suppliers meeting the requirements of ansi/pmmi B155.1-2006 should comply with these three ISO standards. This will help to meet the requirements of CE certification

hayes added, "make international (ISO) , the measure of European and ansi/pmmi standards is to achieve a standard and a consistent assessment for manufacturers, which is applicable to the situation all over the world The revised B155.1 standard provides a real-world guide for packaging machinery manufacturers to implement recommended risk assessment, and ultimately helps manufacturers build safer and more productive machinery that can be exported to the world. "

in the past 34 years, PMMI has been recognized as a trusted "standards development organization" (SDO) by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Because the corresponding process and balance of taking out and cooling to room temperature are consistent with the "essential requirements" of ANSI, the standard development procedure of PMMI was adopted by ANSI. PMM has 18% market share. The first version of I B155.1 standard was approved by American National Standards Institute in 1973

2006 version of the standard, that is, the fifth revised version, was approved by the ANSI standard inspection board, and has experienced the most substantive revision since the beginning

the final version includes the comments of 28 industrial professionals from the entire packaging machinery supply chain

Hayes pointed out that "we are very happy that the industrial discussion on this year's version has reached an incredible level. This record - the result of setting industrial achievements is a spontaneous safety standard, which truly supports the global packaging machinery industry."

b155.1 Standard Committee includes representatives of machinery manufacturers, safety experts and users of packaging machinery. The organizations participating in the Committee include: Raque food systems, MGS machinery company, Krones, packaging technologies, FKI logistex, Luciano packaging technologies, Rockwell Automation, Chubb insurance, Keller and Heckman LLC, packaging experts Association, automation machinery industry association, National Fluid Power Association, Kraft Foods, Kellogg Company, Johnson Johnson, paciv Corporation, Procter gamble, and Sara Lee

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