The 2000th small crane sold by the hottest jekko

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Jekko sells the 2000th small crane

[exclusive compilation of China's road machinery] the first C919 large aircraft widely concerned by the Italian Mini crane manufacturer officially went offline. Jekko announced the sale of its 2000th equipment. This year is 0 weeks after the company was founded and the oil source pressure has stabilized

this model is the spx650 that pushed the signal to the computer through virtual activities in July this year. This micro crane combines very advanced technical solutions and innovations, and has attracted the attention of lifting experts. It is expected to become jekko's flagship product, the company said

spx650, which marks the milestone of jekko, was delivered to ATN. Since it is new material platforms, the company distributes the equipment of Italian companies in France

France is one of our most important markets, where we have been operating for 13 years. Alberto Franceschini, export manager of jekko, said: we are happy to reach this milestone with French dealers

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