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Yuzhan technology shows a cross-border pattern and reveals a new vision of the brand

[June 3, 2015, Taipei] Yuzhan Technology (8271), the world's leading memory brand, is committed to innovation and breakthrough. This time, it crosses the storage boundary and creates a new user experience. With the three development visions of "wisdom, security and entertainment", it displays exclusive innovative application products and value-added services, and launches cross cloud Multiple applications in the four fields of industrial control, E-sports and consumer market, including APACER cloud personal cloud hard disk avatar intelligent home control integration platform, industrial control SSD asset security protection value-added technology, extreme speed "military weapon" DDR4 overclocking memory, and a variety of new mobile peripheral products, lead consumers to experience a more comprehensive smart life, and reflect the brand spirit of "trust and innovation" of uzhan technology, Write a shocking page for this year's Taipei International Computer Exhibition. China can produce more than 20 kinds of products

at present, when promoting electronic universal experimental machines, laboratory machine manufacturers will pay special attention to whether it is high-end or general-purpose. With the brand spirit of trust and innovation, vision technology will display the three development visions of "wisdom, security and entertainment", display a number of industry-leading technologies, unique products and services, and comprehensively show the leadership style of vision technology in the fields of smart life, information security and E-sports

Zhang Jiaxiang, general manager of Yuzhan technology, said: "Yuzhan technology adheres to the brand spirit of trust and innovation, and has long been deeply rooted in the industrial control and consumer market. In recent years, we have insight into the growth of the trend of the times such as IOT and cloud. This year, we launched the Yuzhan technology 3.0 upgrade plan to drive enterprises to break through the original application pattern and strive to create a multiplier effect for user experience. This time, a number of industry-leading technologies, unique products and services were displayed at the Taipei International Computer Exhibition to comprehensively show Yuzhan technology Zhan's leadership in smart life, information security and E-sports. "

Yuzhan technology exhibited various innovative applications at computerex Taipei. A number of smart home applications are displayed in the "smart home context area", and APACER cloudt has evolved into an Internet of things smart home integration platform

"intelligence, security, entertainment" three highlights comprehensively interpret the user optimization experience

I Cloud Applications depict a new look of Smart Life

at this year's Taipei International Computer Exhibition, Yuzhan technology APACER CloudTM evolved into a smart home integration platform in the era of IOT. The "smart home situation area" of Yuzhan technology booth displays a number of smart home applications, such as remote monitoring devices to ensure home safety, intelligent control devices to improve environmental quality, and rich home digital entertainment. APACER CloudTM has an open and highly flexible system platform, which provides various possibilities to outline the future smart home, and realizes the three life visions of smart home automation, security monitoring, home entertainment, etc

Yuzhan technology exhibited various innovative applications at computerex Taipei. Ah650 fingerprint identification portable disc is the first to start with personal fingerprints to protect information security. With mobile devices becoming users' necessities, Yuzhan technology has a deep understanding of consumers' use needs. At the meeting, a new magnetic resonance technology wireless charging product is displayed simultaneously, breaking the previous "line" system of mobile device charging, creating a convenient mobile life, so that consumers can experience a new smart and efficient life

II Re evolution of security technology to create excellent storage solutions

Gartner, an international research organization, released the latest "2014 global SSD and solid state arrays market share analysis" [1] the survey report pointed out that Yuzhan technology has ranked first in the global industrial SSD supplier for three consecutive years. Yuzhan technology's asset security protection technology continues to innovate and evolve. This year, it will strengthen the asset security protection level and launch APACER NFC SSD. With the advantages of high security, convenience and low power consumption of near field communication (NFC) technology, it will instantly trigger the three core security special instructions built into Yuzhan industrial control SSD, such as coreeraser, coredestroyer and coreprotector, through NFC proximity sensing NFC SSD, Comprehensively improve the protection of information security, so that customers can meet the needs of high asset security protection in the era of Internet of everything

Yuzhan technology exhibited various innovative applications at computerex Taipei. Launch APACER NFC SSD, through ① filling in NFC mobile phones to trigger the three core security instructions built into SSD (coreeraser, coredestroyer, coreprotector), and improve information security protection

in addition to helping customers strengthen the asset security protection mechanism, Yuzhan further develops the industry's original SSD Firmware built-in coreanalyzer analysis technology, which can comprehensively record the actual access and operation status of SSD, through analysis software, conduct use behavior Workload and data structure analysis, help customers understand the real application situation of the system, and then provide the best customized storage solution

III Extreme speed conquers the world of E-sports

in the field of E-sports entertainment, Yuzhan technology continues to make a powerful breakthrough, continues the concept of military weapon design, and leads the industry to launch ddrmhz "blade blade" overclocking memory. With 16GB (4gbx4) capacity and low delay CL timing, it once again shocks the senses of professional overclocking players and provides an extremely fast zero TDOA game experience; At the same time, it launched the world's first as730 SSD with LED backlight, which can change a variety of different colors at will, like the backlight flash effect in the game scene, and show your unique style. It also adopts the latest SATA 3 and usb3.1, type-C dual interface interfaces to meet the needs of E-sports players for excellent performance and novel appearance. The new overclocking memory and SSD will compete with players to travel and conquer the e-sports entertainment world

Yuzhan technology exhibited various innovative applications at computerex Taipei. Ddrmhz "blade blade" overclocking memory is launched, with 16GB (4gbx4) capacity and low delay CL timing, providing a very fast zero TDOA game experience

IV. mobile peripheral products realize intelligence ldquo; Coal is still the most important energy upstream mobile life at present.

Yuzhan technology mobile peripheral products will provide consumers with a new extreme and convenient experience with the characteristics of "high speed" and "high capacity", plus the special design of "capacitive fingerprint sensor" and "situational application", which fully reflects the smart life with both safety and efficiency. This year, the Taipei International Computer Exhibition will expose new mobile peripheral products for the first time, Including:

the first ah650 fingerprint identification portable disc that can perfectly sense zero error through 360 degrees of personal fingerprints, which firmly protects the security of personal information

fashionable appearance, ac330 USB3.0 mobile hard disk with 12.4 cm ultra-thin design, provides consumers with high-speed storage experience

new generation ultra-high speed uhs-ii sdxc/sdhc memory card, Meet the needs of professional imaging workers for high-quality storage

the extremely fast and thin type-C double headed dragon portable disc adopts USB 3.1 Gen 1 specification to create an unrestricted forward and reverse plug-in design, which reflects convenient mobile life anytime and anywhere

a high-capacity sports mobile power supply b513 designed with special D-shaped hooks and ring LED lights, Let users who love sports design full of energy anytime, anywhere

2015 Taipei International Computer Exhibition Yuzhan technology breaks through the re innovation pattern, displays new and diversified products in the industrial control and consumer fields, and provides new solutions for digital storage and mobile applications. People from all walks of life are welcome to visit Yuzhan Technology Exhibition for personal experience

[Yuzhan science and technology booth information]

date: June 2, 2015 (II) ~ June 6, 2015 (VI)

location: 1st floor, Nangang Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center (No. 1, JINGMAO Second Road, Nangang District, Taipei)

booth number: j0618

[about APACER Yuzhan science and technology]

APACER Yuzhan science and technology spans industrial SSD, consumer digital products and memory modules, and is equipped with integrated R & D, design, manufacturing One of the world's leading manufacturers of marketing capabilities. Since its establishment, it has continuously pursued the development of various reliable innovative products and services in line with the brand spirit "access the best". Yuzhan technology's customer base covers global dealers, equipment manufacturers and retail customers, and not only provides customers with high-efficiency, high stability, and high-value memory modules and flash memory; It also provides consumers with innovative digital storage and peripheral products that can easily record, store and share digital data in their daily lives

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