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Zaozhuang Unicom improves 10010 service capability

in order to further improve the comprehensive service capability and service level of customer service representatives, the customer service call center has carried out a series of service competitions around the "capacity improvement year" to continuously improve the service quality of 10010 customer service

first, carry out the "smiling angel" service competition. A leading group was specially set up to clarify the responsibilities and division of labor, and to assess more than 20 special contents in 7 categories, including understanding, communication and skills, from the service specification. Through daily notification and monthly evaluation of individual and team games, the standard of various service indicators and the improvement of service quality of 10010 customer service were promoted. Second, carry out the service window "bright stars" service star selection activities. The service star selection standard is formulated, and the competition results are evaluated and reported every month. Through the selection activities, an upsurge of learning business and becoming experts in customer service has been set off, which has promoted the effective improvement of service ability and service level. Third, carry out the special rectification activities of over time installation, relocation and repair machines in the hydraulic rotation. By improving the successful return visit rate, shortening the processing and completion time of retention orders, analyzing the data and pointing out that we should vigorously promote the breakthrough development in key areas, timely communication and feedback, and further add this point is the return visit work of the yield point forced installation, relocation and repair machine. The fourth is to carry out the competition activities of "business skilful hands" and "five big PK". In order to improve the speed and accuracy of customer service representatives' knowledge base business search, a customer service personnel knowledge base business search competition was carried out to improve the ability of customer service representatives to search business through the knowledge base, shorten the time of searching business, and provide accurate services to customers in the shortest time

through the implementation, guidance, evaluation, reward and punishment of a series of activities, the initiative and enthusiasm of customer service representatives' service have been further improved, a good learning atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up and helping" has been formed among employees, and the customer's service perception and satisfaction with 10010 customer service have been further improved. The IVR satisfaction and quality inspection results of provincial companies have been improved month by month, and the IVR satisfaction has increased from 96.02% in February to 97.54% in June, The quality inspection score increased from 94.34 points in January to 97.61 points in June. C114 China Communications

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