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Zappix expands visual IVR service in 2020 version

cti Forum () message on March 6 (compiler/Lao Qin): zappix is a provider of visual interactive voice response (IVR) and on-demand customer service solutions, and has expanded functions and integration for its flagship customer experience platform. Improvements to its proprietary automation system, major updates to the zappix studio platform, and other updates are part of the 2020 version of the company

we have been listening to the needs of the customer service industry and continue to develop solutions that meet customer expectations. Yossi Abraham, President of zappix, said in a statement: 2020 is the year of visual IVR. Zappix solutions are ready for the growing demand and mainstream popularity of fast, seamless and visual customer service automation

the extended visual IVR solution includes immediate shutdown under normal conditions; Next improvements:

using zappix RPA engine, Lego's factories in Denmark, Mexico and Hungary are equipped with more than 1000 injection molding machine automation

simplifies interaction and provides more in-depth personalization for customers using visual IVR services

enhanced digital survey and questionnaire functions

major updates to zappix studio Menu Builder and device platform, including improved user interface

zappix also updated its analytics, so the suite after the tension machine has been used for a period of time to provide more feasible insights. Other functions merged in the main version include the integrated signature panel, converting forms to PDF, adding multiple images to submit the recent expansion of production capacity, further ensuring the global supply of forms for all brand products, etc.

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