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Zebra adds RFID smart tag conversion function

RFID must be manipulated under the guidance of skilled staff. System provider zebra technology said it would add RFID smart tag manufacturing conversion equipment to its Greenville device. On the company's Greenville device, paper manufacturing can be converted into a series of products, such as pasteable bar codes and bills

zebra said that they would join the smart tag conversion production equipment - embedding RFID chips into stickeable tags to form smart tags. In this way, they would be in the production of originally outsourced RFID smart tags. Therefore, the demand for renewable replacement materials would be very huge and they would gain more control. The company said that producing RFID tags by themselves would reduce the price of tags. Zebra did not disclose how many smart tags will be produced by their new devices, but said that the production of some RFID tags will continue to be outsourced. The labels sold by the company include high-frequency and ultra-high frequency reports released by bigdata research; They hope that the company will be able to produce EPC UHF Gen2 smart tags in the next two months. Zebra also announced that alien technology has been approved to become the supplier of the company's alien class 1 RFID chip, which will be embedded in their smart tags

source: RFID world

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