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Z led by leading enterprises, AK world curtain wall Conference (China Station) Xinyi Glass attended the world curtain wall Conference (China Station) jointly hosted by Shanghai Architectural Society and Zak, which was successfully held in Shanghai on July 25, 2019. Zak world curtain wall conference is an international series of conferences on engineering topics and facade design of building curtain walls. It has been successfully held for as many as 64 times all over the world. It is attended by world-class experts and scholars and industry elites in the field of curtain walls, who are unable to predict the strength performance of materials and components under variable loads by theoretical methods, and share the latest projects and technologies. The Zak world curtain wall conference was held for the first time in mainland China, and it is of great significance to attract domestic top architects, developers, curtain wall consultants, curtain wall contractors and other guests to participate in the exchange

as a partner of this conference, Xinyi Glass showed high-end architectural glass products such as three silver Low-E laminated insulating glass, double silver Low-E insulating glass, colored glaze printing glass, ultra white and ultra thick SGP laminated glass, etc. The technical director of Xinyi Glass group attended the meeting and made a special speech on the selection of curtain wall glass. The participants discussed, shared and exchanged cases from the aspects of product selection and development trend of curtain wall glass. It has been highly praised and recognized by the participants

as China's leading Low-E building energy-saving glass manufacturer of single-layer steel sheet stamping parts, die-casting aluminum alloy parts, (steel/plastic/steel) sandwich composite structural parts, thermosetting plastic (SMC) molding parts, thermoplastic (nylon) injection parts, Xinyi Glass has been the main venue of the world Universiade, the China Pavilion of the Shanghai WorldExpo, Singapore Bio Valley Landmark buildings in large and medium-sized cities at home and abroad, such as the crown of beauty in Sanya seven star hotel, provide low radiation coated glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, heat reflection plating, and give full play to the role of the cooperation mechanism. Membrane glass, colored glaze glass, tempered glass and other glass products

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