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Friction paper conveyor of new type box pasting machine

in the new generation of box pasting machines launched at present, most of them use friction paper conveyor to transfer carton blanks from the loading department to the folding department. These friction paper belts play a very important role in ensuring the continuity of the machine. Because the failure of the paper feeding section of the box pasting machine will cause the machine to be in a "hungry" (refers to the empty operation of the machine), which will directly reduce the production efficiency

with this in mind, Habasit (Switzerland) Co., Ltd. invested a lot of time and money to develop an optimal paper feeding scheme for the box pasting machine - grabber paper feeding belt by adopting seamless manufacturing technology. This kind of paper tape is made by using a technology called "insitubonding". This technology uses natural rubber as the surface glue to cure and bond to the base at the same time, forming a uniform, continuous surface layer without any splicing and cracks. The paper conveyor belt produced in this way can always ensure anti glaze and good friction performance during its use. The natural rubber material used as the surface glue on this kind of paper conveyor belt is specially prepared to prevent the paper conveyor belt from slipping and brightening. The flexibility of the surface rubber can effectively prevent the surface of the paper conveyor belt from breaking and tearing, and its good wear resistance can prolong the service life of the paper conveyor belt. It goes without saying that the seamless surface glue structure can ensure that the conveyor belt will not have delamination, hard spots or lumps, and has a uniform wear surface and constant friction coefficient during its use. This paper conveyor belt can be used in both stable and semi stable structures

the main driving factor for habasi to develop this product is to help processors improve the production speed of cartons/pallets by eliminating the faults of "double sheet" and "empty sheet" in production. A large number of field tests carried out under different production conditions around the world have confirmed that the wear-resistant rubber used in grabber paper belt can indeed prolong the service life of the paper belt without tearing and crushing. After the test run, the stable elastic module of the grabber paper conveyor belt can ensure that the paper conveyor has good dimensional stability, so there is no need to adjust its tension, which saves valuable downtime. In addition, the bottom of the paper conveyor belt has permanent anti-static characteristics, so that it will not absorb dust and dirt. Therefore, the drive wheel of this paper conveyor belt is much cleaner than the drive wheel without anti-static effect

many box pasting machines also adopt vacuum assisted friction feeding technology to replace simple friction feeding, which can improve the production efficiency of the machine - habasi company also adopts this technology to meet the needs of high production efficiency. According to the design of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), the company manufactures paper conveyor belts (including punching, parameter setting slotting, punching conical counterbore and other processes), and has sales points all over the world so that processors around the world can buy them quickly and reliably

habasi produces a variety of leather products to measure the output of the amplifier unit of the pendulum impact tester, providing effective solutions to meet the specific needs of the industry for various market areas. Its products include: paper conveyor belt, folding paste box belt, machine processing belt, conveyor belt and modular belt, etc. These belts combine many special properties, which optimize the product performance for individual cases. For example, polyamide box pasting machine belt (S-type belt) and "flexfold" box pasting machine belt (CM type belt) can ensure the folding effect of box pasting machine with high performance and high reliability; The conveyor belts and modular belts with polyurethane, PVC or rubber as the surface materials produced by the company successfully meet various high standard requirements of the paper receiving and stacking department

in this way, those adopt 4 The shearing system is composed of shearing oil cylinder, front and rear beams, parallel rods, shearing intermediate tension plates, upper and lower friction plates, top blocks, connecting pins and shearing cars The double acting servo cylinder is used to apply the experimental force, supported by the shear car, and the floating cylinder adjusts the vertical shear height Adjust the horizontal position of the loading device to ensure the accuracy of the shear force and improve the accuracy of the experiment The double acting servo cylinder, connecting rod, friction plate, shear car, floating cylinder and guide rail form a transverse shear system Customers who use the "one-stop shopping" strategy can not only benefit financially, but also save a lot of costs due to the simplification of the purchase process

however, due to the current practice of "one-stop shopping" in the global economic field, recently, manufacturers or product suppliers must not only be able to provide a variety of products; At the same time, it is also required to be able to provide high-quality and consistent products all over the world, and set competitive prices and deliver on time

in addition, customers will require manufacturers to provide professional and technical support not only during installation, but also during the service life of the machine and its accessories. Habasi has done well in this regard. It has agents in more than 70 countries in the world and has a series of products and services widely recognized by the industry

source: global color box industry

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