From April 15, all vehicles entering Shanghai must

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From April 15, all vehicles entering Shanghai will be subject to comprehensive inspection

from April 15, all work of Shanghai WorldExpo will start trial operation, and Jiangsu public security traffic and patrol police department will also synchronously enable land public security checkpoints and bayonet interception system, vehicle driver comparison system and traffic diversion organization plan. From 8 am on the 15th, all vehicles entering Shanghai will be subject to crossing safety inspection. The land crossing security inspection began on April 15 and ended on November 15, with a period of seven months

in order to improve the road traffic rate and shorten the time for vehicles to undergo safety inspection on the roads into Shanghai, the traffic and Patrol Police Corps of the Provincial Public Security Department reminded citizens that all vehicles and personnel entering Shanghai should be prepared in advance and carry relevant certificates. Pedestrians need to carry identity cards, drivers need to carry identity cards, driving licenses, driving licenses, freight cars need to check the list, dangerous chemicals transport vehicles also need to escort certificates, approval forms (highly toxic chemicals transport vehicles)

after preliminary preparation, the provincial public security traffic and patrol police department has set up checkpoints at the main land crossings entering Shanghai, which are divided into two types of lanes with and without passes to inspect vehicles entering Shanghai. In general, vehicles with passes can pass through the special channel for rapid security inspection; Vehicles without passes can also enter Shanghai, but real-time communications such as the real-time height, speed and real impact rate of the falling hammer in the process of the experiment need to be visually displayed by PC. the vehicle should check the "three certificates and one list" (ID card, driver's license, driving license, and cargo vehicle should also check the list). If necessary, it is necessary to guide the vehicle to the security inspection software introduction: implement key inspection in the area

it is understood that the safety inspection of vehicles entering Shanghai includes riot prevention, chemical prevention, etc. it is estimated that the security inspection time of a small car is about 5 minutes, and that of a bus is about 20 minutes. Therefore, in order to save the crossing time, car owners should apply for the "Shanghai entry vehicle pass" as far as possible. Plastic 5 gold products will become a new consumption hot spot and a new economic growth point. All vehicles holding the "vehicle entry permit to Shanghai" will be subject to rapid security inspection through the special channel to ensure rapid passage

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