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Zebra network raised more than 1.6 billion yuan and further opened up to create an industry ecosystem. On September 13, zebra network announced that it had completed the first round of financing of more than 1.6 billion yuan at the Ali center in Shanghai, with a valuation of more than $1billion, and had been listed as a unicorn

at the same time, zebra also announced a more comprehensive opening-up strategy, including technology opening, business opening, ecological opening, equity opening, etc

this round of financing is led by SDIC innovation, followed by Yunfeng fund and Shangqi capital. According to zebra Luo CEO Hao Fei, this round of financing is very rapid, and the next round of financing will soon start. At the same time, the financing will also make zebra more open. The established goal of R & D activities is to reduce the weight of existing car bodies by half, such as for vehicle manufacturers and parts manufacturers

as a leading investor, Zhai Jun, managing director of SDIC innovation, also expressed his trust in zebra network: with the change of the electronic and electrical architecture in the car and the introduction of the mobile Internet Ecosystem, intelligent networking has become another important field of rapid development after relay automation. As a leading enterprise in this field, CIC innovation is willing to help zebra accelerate the implementation of its comprehensive opening-up strategy, make more cars use China's independent and controllable operating system, and lead the healthy and orderly development of global automotive enterprises in this field

the purpose of this round of financing is, on the one hand, to introduce top talents and forward-looking technology research and development, so as to promote the rapid expansion and ecological opening of various business lines, and continue to expand zebra's leading edge. On the other hand, we should also speed up the upgrading of products and services, explore the operation mode and cultivate users' usage habits faster. At the same time, we should also establish a more effective incentive system to create a unique culture of zebra

in addition to the cooperation with SAIC, zebra has also cooperated with many car companies. In the second half of this year, three new Internet vehicles equipped with zebra system (based on Alio and actively controlling the opportunities brought by product innovation and project interaction with customers) will be launched in China's plastic machinery market, including Dongfeng Citroen, Chang'an Ford and Guanzhi

in the future, zebra's circle of friends will be further expanded. In the future, not only multinational car companies and independent brands, but also more luxury brands will join. At the same time, zebra will open its in-depth customization capabilities to vehicle manufacturers to realize technology opening. For the first time, it will also open the on-board applications and Alibaba's data capability platform, and actively access the applications and services developed by vehicle enterprises and third-party service providers, so as to achieve ecological openness


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