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Yuzhou City went out to "learn lessons" to promote mine ecological restoration

recently, Yuzhou City, Henan Province formed a mine ecological restoration and management investigation team to investigate and study the demonstration sites of green mine construction inside and outside the province, and "learn lessons" on the spot, focusing on promoting the ecological restoration and management of local mines

Wang Dongfeng, member of the Standing Committee of the Yuzhou municipal Party committee and director of the United Front Work Department, led a mine ecological restoration and governance delegation composed of more than 20 people from the city's natural resources and Planning Bureau, Emergency Management Bureau, ecological environment bureau and other departments, as well as relevant Township heads and mining enterprise representatives, who successively went to the Zhonglian Ma'anshan new building materials demonstration park in Xingtai City, Hebei Province Xuezhen project area of Shaanxi coal new material group in Fuping County, Shaanxi Province and Changcun mine of Mengdian group in Huixian City, Henan Province were visited

at each place, the members of the delegation learned about the project construction and operation, production technology, mining technology, safety and environmental protection measures and mine ecological restoration in detail, went deep into the front line of mining and processing and the ecological restoration site for on-site visits, and talked with the leaders in charge of local governments and the heads of relevant departments about mining administration management, sandstone enterprise development, green mine construction, ecological restoration concepts and measures The person in charge of the enterprise and relevant technical personnel have in-depth communication and exchange

it is understood that these pilot enterprises' high starting point planning, standardized management, innovative methods and measures, and increased investment in environmental protection governance and ecological restoration have left a deep impression on the investigation team, which has further broadened the vision, increased insight and deeply inspired the leaders of mining enterprises who visited and studied with the delegation. High quality development

with the concept of green development, the amount of materials is naturally blooming and bearing fruit in sandstone enterprises. It is understood that Xingtai Zhonglian new materials and building materials demonstration park, the first "five in one + agricultural ecological garden" in the country, should not shut down the development mode without reason, adhere to the "recovery in mining, mining in recovery", implement the "100 mu mine 10000 pine" project, and achieve scientific, large-scale, intensive and clean production; The Fuping Xuezhen project area of Shaanxi coal new material group focuses on the mining and ore processing of dolomite ore for building stones, with the goal of building a green mine and realizing "double development" of economic and ecological benefits, and has a broad development prospect; Changcun mine of Mengdian group has faced the pressure of ecological and environmental protection since 2018, and has invested a total of 400million yuan to carry out mine ecological restoration, which has achieved remarkable results

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