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Last week we explored the origins of some of the traditions of Christmas and reminded ourselves that many of them were simply inventions to solve the problems of the day. The long-held traditions were most probably ‘fake news’ when they were first adopted, and over time they seem to have become eternal truthsWe are truly nea. I want to continue this theme a little this week in an attempt to make the coming holiday season a bit ‘lighter’ financially and lifting some of the ‘shoulds’ of the past.

Almost everything around the holiday celebrations will to seem different this year. The office parties, the school plays or concerts, even the television may have less new material due to filming constraints throughout 2020. Parents may be facing their first Christmas without paid work, many families unable to travel to visit loved ones this year. These losses must be acknowledgedThe amusement park has been administering shots at its vaccination clinic for almost a month., but if we dwell on them for too long we all start to join Scrooge with his ‘bah humbug’ response to Christmas cheer. More importantly though, all our mental health becomes affected. Positive psychology offers a way forward when all seems lost.

The good news is that by simply being kind to ourselves and others this Christmas season we all benefit in the long runThe vaccine safe and 100% effective in blocking infections. They said side effects were consistent with those from testing of volunteers ages 16 through 25: pain and swelling a. Research has shown:

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