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On the evening of February 23, the first 2017 new employee tea party was warmly held in the European Italian employee training room

in order to welcome new employees to join the European Italian family, promote the idea of taking the factory as home, promote the communication between new employees and the company's management, effectively help new employees solve practical problems in work and life, create a good communication atmosphere, and increase employees' welfare and sense of belonging, on the evening of February 23, the first new employee Tea Party of 2017 was warmly held in the European Italian employee training room. The event was hosted by the human resources administration center, and the company's senior executives, led by the company's director, long

Zhiming, communicated with more than 30 new employees and talked about the future

the venue is warmly arranged with fruits, cakes and drinks. In a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, the new employees introduce themselves in turn, establish a preliminary understanding of

and talk about their work, life and feelings since they joined the company. Among the new employees present are fresh college students who are new to the workplace. Their speeches are sincere and modest, reflecting a strong sense of ambition and responsibility. Many new employees with employment experience said that they had worked in some large-scale enterprises before coming to Europe, but Europe has the warmest family and the enterprise culture of Europe is the most recognized

at the symposium, a couple of new employees' speeches attracted the attention of the whole audience. They said, "I hope Ouyi is the last enterprise we work for,

I hope to develop with Ouyi and create a better future". It is believed that this is not only the aspiration of the couple, but also the expectation of every new employee, and also the expectation of Ouyi for the employees

in the subsequent communication and interaction, new employees spoke enthusiastically. The senior leaders of the company had one-on-one communication with you, and made suggestions and puzzles on your work or life

the convening of this symposium not only enhanced the sense of belonging of new employees, but also narrowed the distance between them and the senior leaders of the company. Through these two hours of free dialogue and ideological collision, everyone gained a lot, and they all said that they would devote themselves to work with a better attitude and full enthusiasm and work hard, Maximize personal value and create a better future for Europe and Italy





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