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The vacuum packaging of Myanmar fish and shrimp fast food is hygienic and delicious

Myanmar has a wide range of fresh dishes, but there are few fast food that can be durable and ensure the quality of fish and shrimp. At present, there is a family type industrial manufacturer, which has made unique efforts in fish and shrimp food, refined into fish and shrimp paste, fried fish with bean sauce, spicy fish, etc., and processed through vacuum sealing sterilization, which is durable, hygienic, delicious and delicious

Myanmar people like to eat fish and shrimp sauce best. If the processing method is improper, it will not only stink, but also make people have no appetite. At present, the canning technology of foreign physical food is introduced, which is first purified, then made with ingredients, sterilized and vacuum packed. It can be regarded as a quick food to replace canned food

in addition, watercress fish, spicy fish and PolyOne specially hired sales personnel with a background in special engineering materials in India and Tesla to update the Powerwall product technicians focusing on household power consumption at the end of last year. The fish price is also civilian. One bag can be used by three people to make delicious fast-food fish, which can be regarded as a must-have in a busy family

vacuum packaging saves a lot of costs for manufacturers and consumers. As long as the packaging bag is not torn and the air does not invade, the manufacturer's warranty period is one year

the manufacturer said that this product is a good friend of office workers. Sometimes there is no need to cook. They can spend a day by buying a bag. Some people like fish and shrimp sauce, while others prefer watercress fish and spicy fish. Their preferences vary

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