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Murata machinery released the parallel double axis CNC lathe mw80, with a maximum processing diameter of 80mm

Murata machinery (Headquarters: Jingdu) will start selling the new CNC (computer numerical control) lathe product "mw80" from December 16, 2013, which is suitable for processing workpieces with a maximum diameter of 80mm in a short working cycle. The lathe is a parallel double axis type with two spindles in parallel, with two comb shaped blade tool tables. It is mainly used for processing Bearings and other simple shapes in a short time. When used in combination with a loader that supports short work cycle and low crystallinity, it only takes 1.9 seconds to complete the loading and unloading of workpieces

when processing Bearings and other Asian PE manufacturers or even preparing to resell ethylene raw materials, most of them used single function machine tools, while NC (numerical control) lathes can also be used for multi variety variable production. Murata machinery launched "mw50" with a maximum diameter of 50mm for Machinable workpieces in 2010, and more than 250 sets have been sold by november2013

mw80 spindle motor has an output power of 7.5kW and a rotational speed of 6000rpm. The travel of axis X is 320mm, which shows how much load will bend 1mm. The rapid feed speed is 18m/min, the travel of axis Z is 200mm, and the rapid feed speed is 24m/min. The size of setting place is 1680mm wide × The longitudinal length is 2020mm

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