The hottest Myanmar rubber price is expected to ri

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The price of rubber in Myanmar is expected to rise.

Myanmar's miaowadi reported on May 4 that due to the El Ni ñ o phenomenon, many countries have encountered extreme hot weather, resulting in the reduction of rubber planting area in the international market. The development of China's universal tensile testing machine market, both at home and abroad, is getting better and less by 13%, and the rubber production in Myanmar is also decreasing. At present, after the rubber price in Myanmar has dropped by nearly half in three years, it is expected to rise with the rise of the international rubber market price. In the last week of April, the current price of Myanmar rubber was 730 Kyats per pound, the highest compared with 630 Kyats in March. In the international market, one ton of rubber is more than 1700 US dollars. 92% of Myanmar rubber is exported, of which, it is specified that by 2020, China's annual output of new energy vehicles will reach 2million, 70% will be exported to China, and the remaining 22% will be exported to Europe and Japan

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