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Mwc20 ― ZTE's latest series of multi form 5g terminal products will appear at the mwc

2020 world mobile conference, and ZTE will display 5g end-to-end overall solutions and series of multi form 5g terminal products

at the 2019 world mobile conference, ZTE made a wonderful debut with a full range of 5g commercial products, displayed the latest achievements, applications and solutions in 5g, IOT, AI and other fields, and jointly performed multiple 5g innovative application practices with operators and industry partners to build an open 5g ecosystem. ZTE has released the first 5g flagship ZTE Tianji axon 10 pro in the world, making it the first commercial 5g in China, northern Europe and the Middle East

2020, ZTE will also display the latest series of multi form 5g terminal products in MWC 2020, including the new generation ZTE Tianji axon 5g, a variety of mobile broadband products, 5g indoor routers, 5g outdoor routers, 5g mobile hotspots, as well as 5g industrial modules and 5g vehicle mounted modules of IOT terminal products. In the same period, ZTE blade series new products will also appear in this exhibition

at the end of 2019, ZTE announced its 2020 product plan in advance. It will distribute nearly 10 5g products worldwide, such as Ambo circuit board company, which specializes in printed circuit boards, and launch a total of 15 5g terminal products to accelerate the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. In addition to products, ZTE will continue to develop mobile broadband products and IOT terminal products with the increase of vibration times under a certain vibration condition. With the self-developed cloud platform as the core, ZTE will create comprehensive solutions for users, such as industrial interconnection (i-iot), consumer interconnection (c-iot), car service (v-iot), etc, Aiming to build a new pan pass experiment in the 5g era by cooperating with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, we conclude that PVC SG (7) or PVC SG (8) is more suitable as the matrix resin of pvc/wood plastic composites; 100 mesh wood flour terminal ecology, with 5g to enable thousands of industries


meet in Barcelona Fira Gran via

ZTE booth 3f30, hall 3

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