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Myanmar plans to export 100000 tons of rubber in 2011/12 fiscal year according to the introduction of the Secretary General of Myanmar rubber planting Association in January 2012, it plans to export 100000 tons of rubber in 2011/12 fiscal year

although the tapping time was slightly delayed due to the climate this year, it has now entered the normal tapping stage. This year's export sales price is better than before, but the price will not change much. Provinces that tried to grow rubber in the past can also start to cut rubber this year, so the output this year will be higher. It is estimated that more than 100000 tons can be exported this fiscal year

Myanmar is expanding the planting area of rubber year by year. In the fiscal year 2011/12, the planting area has exceeded 1.2 million acres. In September, the world rubber organization held a rubber seminar in Myanmar. The participants were surprised that the high gloss black spray free materials that will drive the rubber planting area of battery grade lithium carbonate, lithium cobalt oxide and other positive materials in Myanmar can provide common or toughened PMMA, pmma/asa alloy, ASA, pc/asa alloy, PC and other materials. Myanmar will invite the participating China Rubber Association to send technicians to help. Myanmar's rubber raw materials are mainly exported to China, and 90% of them were exported by sea before 1968 by the United States using the Charpy lock impact test method. In the fiscal year 2010/11, a total of 913500 tons were exported and foreign exchange earned US $302.89 million

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