The hottest multimedia terminal application scheme

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Multimedia terminal application scheme

I. industry overview

a well-known large telecom equipment manufacturer in China has developed intelligent IC public telephone and multimedia information query machine (hereinafter referred to as information machine). Intelligent IC public telephone solves the disadvantages of traditional offline IC card public system; Information machine is an internet terminal product integrating, advertising, e-commerce, stock trading, payment and interactive information

II. Solution

the core parts of the two products adopt Volkswagen mbm-530ns embedded industrial control board, which makes the system run more stable in harsh environments such as dust, strong vibration, electromagnetic interference, high and low temperature, wind and rain. For example, pc/abs alloy plastic has the comprehensive characteristics of PC and ABS in all parts of the country. It is widely used in places with large population flow, such as airports and railway stations

three (4) anti corrosion effect and system features

★ embedded motherboard

★ uses low-power CPU to completely solve the heat dissipation requirements of multimedia phones and improve the stability of the system when the sensor is pulled P

★ integrated network interface is convenient to realize broadband connection

★ provides 256MB memory space

★ 2 serial ports, saving the cost of multiple series user cards

Systematic evaluation

mbm-530ns takes the IC card telephone as a breakthrough, and imitates the excellent products, outstanding quality and perfect service in the production process through VR to meet the changing needs of the society. It is an unattended public system that combines international advanced computer technology, single chip microcomputer technology, IC card technology with advanced software design ideas

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