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Multi functional vacuum freeze-drying equipment technology

Taizhou LingChao Industrial Corporation freeze-dried food is made by quickly freezing fresh food and sending it into a vacuum container for dehydration. Under the vacuum condition, the moisture rises from solid ice to gas, so that the material is dehydrated and dried. The food made by freeze-drying process not only has complete color, aroma, taste and shape, but also preserves the vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in the food. Before eating, it will be restored to fresh food within a few minutes after a little processing

freeze-dried foods do not need refrigeration equipment, and do not need to add any preservatives. After sealed packaging, they can be stored, transported and sold at room temperature for a long time without deterioration within three to five years

freeze drying technology can process various vegetables, fruits, fish, instant noodles, condiments, coffee, tea, traditional Chinese medicine, etc. For a long time, China's agricultural and animal husbandry products have been displayed by direct reading, which gives people a general feeling of low technical content in the export raw materials or primary processing stage. Through the development of freeze-dried vegetables and meat, the grade of China's exported food will be improved and higher added value will be obtained (100 ~ 300 yuan per kilogram of freeze-dried vegetables by variety). There are some local famous and high-quality native products all over China. After being processed by freeze-drying process, they have become high-grade dehydration famous and high-quality native products

the new multi-functional vacuum freeze-drying equipment generally refers to the models with an effective freeze-drying area of less than 20 m2, of which the models of 5 m2 and 10 M2 are in the majority. Its manufacturing is a blank field in China. Most of the small freeze-drying equipment provided by many equipment suppliers are about 0.2 M2 models. Its main function is to research and debug the freeze-drying process for large equipment. It generally does not consider whether it is energy-saving or not

the new multi-functional vacuum freeze-drying equipment usually uses electric heating as the heat source, and generally does not need to be equipped with the equipment necessary for large freeze-dried food production enterprises such as boilers. The whole machine is relatively compact, and all its energy consumption is about 2.5 ~ 3 degrees of electricity (including quick freezing, vacuum, heating, cold trap and auxiliary power) for the tensile strength tester to start at the rate of 20mm/min ± 5mm/min, The whole freeze-drying process takes about 12 ~ 14 hours. The equipment investment is about one tenth of the medical machine with the same processing capacity

at present, the company has five finalized specifications: 1 m2, 3 m2, 5 m2, 10 m2 and 20 m2, and other specifications can be specially designed and manufactured. All equipment of the above specifications are equipped with a set of simple and practical automatic control devices, which can realize unattended

the features of the new multi-functional vacuum freeze-drying equipment in use are:

1. The whole machine is relatively compact and small in size. 5 Klaus mafi cooperates with Fraunhofer polymer synthesis and processing experimental factory Center (Paz) located in schkopau, Germany. Machines with a size of less than M2 can be directly put into ordinary laboratories

2. Have certain mass production capacity

3. It is suitable for continuous production of multiple varieties and small batches

the application of new multi-functional vacuum freeze-drying equipment in enterprises mainly includes:

1, process testing machine for large equipment

2. Research and develop new products and processes; (3) More and more experimental fixtures are used in special industries, which can provide users with a certain number of trial sale products, which is particularly important before enterprises carry out commercial scale production

4. It is suitable for the production of new, unique and special products with few raw materials, such as bovine colostrum, deer blood, precious Chinese medicinal materials (such as Gastrodia elata, Panax notoginseng, ginseng, etc.), seafood products, local specialty wild vegetables, etc

5. It is suitable for drying the main key ingredients in compound seasoning production enterprises (large, medium and small-scale). For example, in the production process of chicken essence (powder), it is used to dry chicken essence:

6. It is suitable for small-scale production of high-grade freeze-dried instant noodle seasoning bags, which is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized instant noodle production enterprises to try to produce high-grade products

7. It is suitable for small-scale production of freeze-dried snack foods, such as beef jerky and pork jerky

source: China Vacuum

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