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mwc2016 smart technology: to create an IOT in-depth customization partner

the annual MWC 2016 (Mobile World Congress) has arrived. As a top priority in the field of science and technology at the beginning of 2016, both industry giants and start-up teams regard it as an excellent stage to show their muscles. Nowadays, in the revolutionary wave of IOT industry, intelligent interconnection will become the mainstream development direction of IOT. In 2016, the major intelligent solution providers, including Huawei, ZTE, Youfang and telit, will make a big fuss about the intelligence in the IOT field. Intelligent communication module will be a new wind vane of IOT industry

Youfang technology [MWC booth No.: 5k84 (Hall 5)] in addition to many popular products and in-depth cooperation achievements in car service, Smart Handheld and other industries, will launch the world's first multi operating system IOT intelligent interconnection solution N1 series by taking advantage of MWC, a world-oriented platform

Youfang Technology (MWC booth No.: 5k84 Hall 5)

many popular products and IOT products such as car couplets and smart handsets

during MWC 2016, Youfang technology [MWC booth No.: 5k84 (Hall 5)] participated in the exhibition, in addition to many popular products and in-depth cooperation achievements in car couplets, smart handsets and other industrial fields, At the same time, MWC, a world-oriented platform, will launch the world's first multi operating system IOT intelligent interconnection solution N, and formulate a series of "smart car standard system construction scheme"

neoway N1 communication module is a revolutionary IOT solution designed for the application of LTE intelligent interconnection products. This solution is based on Qualcomm platform, industrial high-performance, integrated multiple communication modes (2g/3g/4g/wifi/bt/gps), and supports windows 10 IOT core, Android, Linux and other multi operating systems. It also has rich peripheral interfaces, such as cameras, lcdtp, sensors, a large number of gpios, etc. In terms of software, the open resource mode of SDK software package will be adopted, which can facilitate the application developer's code implantation, driver loading, interface optimization of required functions, and greatly improve the product development efficiency and market speed. Meanwhile, neoway N1 also supports terminal cloud platform management to quickly realize various cloud or mobile Internet applications

Frank Xiao, CTO of Youfang technology, said: Youfang's goal is to build N1 into an open platform for intelligent terminals. N1 is the IOT intelligent communication module with the widest system application and the most functional interfaces in the market. According to Frank Xiao, the size of a square varies with different standards. Science and technology has made attempts in many fields in deep customization cooperation, and made many achievements, such as the air conditioning monitoring system in cooperation with Gree, the on-board solution in cooperation with BYD, and the children's intelligent shoes in cooperation with Yunduo technology

lte application in the police field since Youfang technology began to focus on the IOT field, through 10 years of technology accumulation and quality control, Youfang technology has occupied nearly 30% of China's communication module market. It is also the first LTE intelligent module partner of China Mobile, the communication operator with the largest number of users in the world. Since Youfang technology became one of Microsoft's global strategic partners in 2014, the two sides have had in-depth cooperation in the field. After many visits by Terry Myerson, vice president of Microsoft, and Microsoft IOT team in 2015, they invested important resources to greatly accelerate neoway N1's R & D and commercial speed. With more and more partners, it has penetrated into many fields, such as vehicle service, mobile payment, security monitoring, remote monitoring, remote control and so on, and has gradually grown into a star enterprise in the IOT industry

with the horizontal expansion of major scientific and technological events from the mobile communication field to the intelligent Internet industry, you will also enjoy more cutting-edge technologies and products like neoway N1 in the grand MWC 2016. 2016 will surely be a blowout period for the development of IOT products such as smart hardware, smart home and smart car. Mwc2016 has attracted many Chinese technology enterprises and geek teams to gather in Barcelona exhibition to participate in this grand event about the future

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