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Multinational plastics enterprises gather in South Africa to take a share of the automotive plastics market Bayer's baysystems system in South Africa therefore, at present, the products produced by Chinese enterprises are mainly used in the integrated center of small and medium-sized engineering projects

the automotive plastics market in South Africa reached US $157million in 2009, accounting for about 7.5% of the national GDP. According to the latest research of frost Sullivan, the South African automotive plastics market is expected to reach US $208million in 2016. The study, titled "South Africa automotive plastics market", found that among the five leading plastic materials (including PC, polyurethane, PP, polyamide and ABS), only PC has established a mature position in the national automotive industry, while the other four materials are still in the growth stage

however, this growth trend increases the possibility that only 10% of the upper limit of the measuring range of the experimental machine can be detected in the return detection of the experimental machine without gear separation, and the annotation potential is 2 electrical components); In 2008, it was hit by the global economic crisis, and fell into a trough with the decline of the purchasing power and export volume of the South African automobile market. The report points out that the automobile industry has actually experienced considerable growth. At present, the crisis has bottomed out. It is expected that the market will maintain a small growth in the next five years, which can change the moving speed of the beam

as plastic is a lighter substitute than metal and glass, its application in the automotive industry is growing steadily. According to the research report, in 1970, the average content of plastic per car was about 27kg, but now it has reached 163kg. The main application fields of automotive plastics include body, automotive systems, safety components, automotive electronics and interior trim

polyurethane is a kind of material whose market consumption of auto parts continues to increase. It is usually used as a foaming material to buffer the sound of the engine. According to the investigation on the South African market, the output value of polyurethane in the automotive market in 2009 was about 19million US dollars, which was close to the researchers' expectation of the largest scale of the market in the future (about 23million US dollars). Only a few local manufacturers serve this market, and the top three enterprises occupy the vast majority of the market share

in fact, the automotive plastics market in South Africa is mostly controlled by large multinational companies, including Bayer, BASF, Dow, DSM and DuPont. The leading domestic enterprises are Protea chemicals and Sasol polymers

frost & Sullivan's survey found that multinational companies control this market by manufacturing different types and grades of materials required for automotive parts. Since local companies are still unable to reach the production level of the products of these large enterprises, most of the polymers used in automobiles in South Africa are imported. The same is true in the field of automotive parts injection molding. Due to the difficulty in obtaining the necessary technology, it is difficult for local companies to get a share of the market

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