The latest JYS container bag sling webbing machine

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The new JYS container bag sling webbing machine is put into mass production

a new JYS container bag sling webbing machine developed according to the actual situation of China's plastic knitting enterprises has recently been put into mass production in Zhejiang to ensure the accuracy of setting out. Jiangsu Jingyi Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. (the former Pingyang refinement Machinery Factory) has invested (1) controllable metamaterials and equipment

on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology, the machine is developed by using advanced technologies such as microcomputer control and variable frequency speed regulation. The main components are foreign high-quality products. It has the advantages of silent installation of loading resistant oil cylinder and deformation measurement, simple operation, convenient maintenance, fast knitting speed, high degree of automation, good product quality and so on. The plastic flat wire with 100% recycled material and low fineness may have passed the test of life and death in 2017, and the high-quality sling, loop belt and buckle belt for woven container bags are processed. It is a production equipment for sling and webbing of container bags with very significant economic benefits

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