The latest ipadpro will also be equipped with Yuba

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The new iPad Pro will also be equipped with Yuba lens/headline search page version online/self-healing robot is under development

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original title: the new iPad Pro will also be equipped with Yuba lens/headline search page version online/self-healing. Source: aifaner

even the iPad will be equipped with Yuba lens.

Japanese media macotakara quoted supply chain news that this year's iPhone 11 may not be the only model that will be upgraded to a rear three camera, and the new iPad Pro is likely to use this Yuba shaped lens

it is reported that although no iPad has been equipped with more than one rear camera before, it is believed that many users will question the necessity of iPad multi camera. However, the reason why Apple installed multiple cameras after upgrading iPad is different from that of iPhone, mainly to enhance the performance of AR

the next generation iPhone will be named iPhone Pro

it will be about a month before the new iPhone is released. Recently, @coinx, who has accurately disclosed the iPhone XS series wallpaper and weight, said on its twitter that the new generation of iPhone will use the suffix of Pro for the first time

he believes that the successor model of iPhone XR will be directly named iPhone (2019), while the successor models of the two iPhone XS will be named iPhone pro (5.8 inches) and iPhone pro (6.5 inches) respectively

King glory joins AI hosting function

on August 10, the official Weibo of King glory said that the new version of King glory will join AI hosting function. This function aims to reduce the impact of hanging up teammates on normal gamers. Officials said that the new AI hosting will not be too strong and will not dominate the direction of the game, ensuring that the decision-making power of victory or defeat is controlled by the players of normal games

the headline search page version is online

according to sina science and technology, the headline search has been quietly launched at, but now there is only a simple search page, and slogan is: search you want to see. At present, relevant apps have not been seen online in the application market

Tesla car owner implanted the car key into her arm

recently, a software engineer named Amie DD released a video. In the video, in order to enable her to open Tesla Model 3 when she forgot to bring the physical key, she extracted the RFID chip from Tesla key card through acetone, then put it into biopolymer, and finally injected it into her left arm

according to the video, in addition to being implanted into the car key, the engineer also implanted another chip in her arm, which can be used to unlock the door of her home

Nike acquired AI company to help predict the sales of new products

in order to better understand what consumers like and predict the sales of new products, Nike officially acquired celect, an AI start-up in Boston. One of the services provided by the company is to import all historical retail data into the AI system and generate a forecast report to help retailers see inventory costs/benefits, so as to produce new products more reasonably

Xiaomi's second 5g: Xiaomi's 9s exposure

last week, Xiaomi announced that it would release its second 5g flagship in the near future, but did not announce the specific product name. But yesterday, a friend found that the second version of Xiaomi is "Xiaomi 9s" from Xiaomi official wechat (which has been modified at present)

and the following information of the entry information of the Ministry of industry and information technology should be understood in detail. Some hardware information of the machine has also been published: it is equipped with a 6.39 inch 2340 × 1080 resolution water drop screen, RAM 6g/8g/12gb, rom128/256/512gb, battery 4000mAh. The core frequency of 2.956ghz in the list is likely to be the snapdragon 855 plus processor

mophie launched an alternative to airpower

recently, mophie launched two wireless charging boards, one of which not only supports the wireless charging rate of 7.5W, but also is equipped with two wireless charging areas on a charging board, so that you can charge iPhone and airpods (wireless charging box Version) wirelessly at the same time

on this basis, another one adds a charging area for Apple watch, which can charge a whole set of Apple Devices (watches, headphones) wirelessly at one time

European scientists are developing robots that can repair themselves

according to Xinhua news agency, the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom recently announced that its researchers are working with European teams to develop a new type of flexible robot, which can realize self-detection and temporary repair without human help, so as to continue the work. This scientific research project is participated by many scientific research institutions in Britain, Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland. The project has been funded by the European Commission and is expected to cost 3million euros

it is reported that these self-healing robots will be applied to different scenes such as education and rescue in the future, and have a very broad imagination space

ai can't solve Alzheimer's disease, but it can make patients live with more dignity

when asked, 85% - 90% of Alzheimer's disease patients, commonly known as Alzheimer's disease, will hope to live at home all the time and will not be sent to nursing homes

this month, the nursing research and technology center of Imperial College London was officially established, and the college also invested more than 20million pounds for it. A very important research project in the technology center is to better care for patients with Alzheimer's disease through new technologies such as AI

the project plans to set up cameras in the patient's home and sensors on the patient's body for detection, and then automatically analyze the patient's various vital signs, gait, sleep posture, speech and other activities through AI

give an example of the application of the focus of decision makers and the axis of corporate culture. Patients are difficult to control their emotions and suddenly become irritable or restless, which is a major problem that most patients with Alzheimer's disease and their families who take care of them have to face

from London imperial science and engineering composite flexible packaging materials: flexible packaging, aluminized film, iron core wire, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum aluminized paper, composite film, composite paper, BOPP; This set of monitoring device in the hospital can predict whether patients' emotions are about to have problems by detecting patients' expressions, behaviors, conversations, and a series of physiological data such as heart rate, and can help them alleviate various bad emotions through intervention as soon as possible

Watson AI from IBM helps the technical center with the analysis. In this way, the whole monitoring system will not have too much impact on the lives of patients, nor will it make patients and their families have any anxiety about privacy issues. David sharp, the head of the technology center, said:

although we have not been able to completely solve Alzheimer's disease with the current technology, we can use these technologies to enable patients to receive more care and live a more dignified life

they said that once the service is promoted, it is expected that more than 850000 British Alzheimer's patients will benefit initially

Xiaomi TV update, cancel the startup advertisement

yesterday, a friend said that after the release of glory smart screen, Xiaomi TV was updated and the 15 second advertisement for starting up was cancelled. However, a Zhihu user who was certified as "Xiaomi product operation manager" posted a post saying that he didn't see the advertisement, which may be because the number of times the user watched the advertisement on that day has reached the limit, or there was no advertisement scheduled on that day, indirectly denying the argument that Xiaomi TV canceled the startup advertisement

friend: "even if you don't need to look at the advertisement, you still have to stare at the boot image for 15 seconds." "I thought Huawei had led the industry." "In fact, it's not unacceptable to turn on the phone for 15 seconds. You can't ask others not to make money in other ways while asking them to be cost-effective."

on August 12, 1981, IBM launched the IBM 5150 computer. Since then, "personal computer" has emerged as a new market

In the 1970s, personal computers began to appear in the market, and IBM was keenly aware of the commercial potential of the personal computer market. In order to launch products quickly, IBM did not manufacture the whole device independently as before, but directly chose to integrate the components provided by multiple device manufacturers, and the software was developed by Microsoft. In August, 1981, IBM 5150 was launched and achieved great success. Its sales volume increased steadily, and it once became the product with the highest market share of personal computers. At the same time, the success of IBM 5150 also made other companies see the potential of the personal computer market, so many companies began to manufacture personal computers according to IBM's technical compatibility standards, and the era of IBM PC compatible computers began

in 1982, IBM 5150 appeared in time magazine as a machine and was selected as "person of the year". Its emergence not only opened the hot personal computer market, but also made IBM PC compatible computer become the mainstream form of PC. at that time, only apple did not choose IBM PC compatible computer mode in the mainstream market

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