The latest level II public basic knowledge in 2005

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In 2005, the latest level II public basic knowledge filled in 40 questions

(1) the complexity of the algorithm mainly includes______ Complexity and spatial complexity

answer: time

(2) the storage form of the logical structure of data in the computer storage space is called _u_____

answer: mode # logical mode # conceptual mode

(3) if divided by function, software testing methods are usually divided into white box testing method and______ Test method

answer: black box

(4) if a worker can manage multiple facilities, and a facility is managed by only one worker, there is a gap between the entity "worker" and the entity "equipment"______ Contact

answer: one to many 1:n 1:n

(5) the special relational operations that the relational database management system can realize include selection, connection and u u

answer: projection

(6) under the principle of first left then right, according to the order of accessing the root node, the traversal of binary tree can be divided into three types: pre order traversal______ Traversal and post order traversal

answer: the main principles of structured programming method can be summarized as top-down, gradual refinement______ And restrict the use of goto statements

answer: modularization

(8) software debugging methods mainly include: forced troubleshooting______ And cause exclusion

answer: backtracking method

(9) the three-level models of the database system are respectively______ Mode, internal level mode and external level mode

answer: concept # concept level

(10) data dictionary is a collection of various data descriptions, which usually includes five parts, namely, data items, data structures, data flows______ And processing

answer: data storage

(11) set up a complete binary tree with 500 nodes, then there are______ Leaf nodes

answer: 250

(12) in the worst case, the time complexity of bubble sorting is _____

answer: n (n-1)/2 n* (n-1)/2 o (n (n-1)/2) o (n* Jinan assay tells you how to distinguish the quality of the fixture of the experimental machine (n-1)/2)

(13) the object involved in the object-oriented programming method is a _uu_____________________________

answer: entity

(14) the work in the software requirements analysis stage can be summarized into four aspects: _____ Requirements analysis, preparation of requirements specifications and requirements review

answer: demand acquisition

(15)______ It is the core of database application

answer: database design

(16) data structure includes data______ Structure and data storage structure

answer: logic

(17 it just gives the elderly one more choice) the content of software engineering research mainly includes:______ Technology and software engineering management

answer: software development

(18) corresponding to the structured requirements analysis method is______ Method

answer: structural design

(19) the integrity rule of the relationship model is a constraint on the relationship, including entity integrity______ And custom integrity

answer: reference integrity

(20) data models are divided into three types according to different application levels. They are______ Data model, logical data model and physical data model

answer: concept

(21) there are three basic operations of stack: stack in, stack out and _u____

answer: read the top element # read the top element # read the top element # read the top element

(22) in the object-oriented method, information concealment is through objects______ Sex

answer: encapsulation

(23) the types of data flow are______ And transactional

answer: transformation type

(24) the core software that realizes various data management functions in the database system is called _____

answer: database management system dbms

(25) data manipulation of relational model is data manipulation based on relationship, which generally includes u u There are four operations: add, delete, and modify

answer: query

(26) the number of storage units required to implement the algorithm and the workload of the algorithm are called _u_____________________________

answer: spatial complexity and time complexity

(27) data structure includes logical structure of data and______ And the operation of data

answer: storage structure

(28) a class can inherit all attributes and methods from its direct or indirect ancestors. This method improves the ______________uu

answer: reusability

(29) in the object-oriented model, the most basic concepts are object and _u___

answer: category

(30) software maintenance activities include the following categories: corrective maintenance, adaptive maintenance______ Maintenance and preventive maintenance

answer: completeness

(31) the basic characteristics of the algorithm are feasibility, certainty______ And have enough intelligence

answer: finite

(32) the sequential storage method is to store logically adjacent nodes in physical locations______ In the storage unit of

answer: adjacent

(33) Jackson's structured programming method was proposed by British ckson, which is oriented to______ Design method

answer: data structure

(34) database design is divided into the following six design stages: demand analysis stage, ____ Logical design stage, physical design stage, implementation stage, operation and maintenance stage

answer: conceptual design stage # database conceptual design stage

(35) database protection is divided into: security control, uu Concurrency control and data recovery

answer: integrity control

(36) the purpose of the test is to expose errors and evaluate the reliability of the program; And______ The purpose of is to find the wrong location and correct the error

answer: debugging

(37) in the worst case, the number of times that heap sorting needs to be compared is _uuuuuuuuu

answer: O (nlog2n)

(38) if the string s= "program", the number of its substrings is _u___

answer: 29

(39) a project has a project director, and a project director can manage multiple projects, so the relationship between the entity "project director" and the entity "project" belongs to______ Contact

answer: 1 to many 1:n

(40) the common data models of database management system include hierarchical model, shape model and______ Three

answer: the relational model

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