The latest label printer lx900 launched by bestsel

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Palmier launched the latest label printer lx900

lx900 is the latest color label printer with the fastest printing speed and the most economical printing cost launched by palmier Primera. Using high-resolution inkjet printing technology suitable for metallurgical industry, engineering construction, light industry, airlines, aerospace, raw materials, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other industries, professional product color labels and packaging box labels can be produced. Split cartridge design, each color cartridge can be replaced separately, which greatly reduces the printing cost. The labels you make can include full-color photos, illustrations, charts, text, high-resolution barcode or two-dimensional barcode, etc. According to your actual demand, you can make batch labeling anytime and anywhere, and print according to the estimated maximum load. Most importantly, personalized printing is based on the quantity required, which is no longer limited by the quantity and after-sales varieties of key curve detectors

lx900 adopts hr=130-e four-color independent high-capacity cartridge design - including cyan, magenta, yellow, black. Each color is separated independently, and you can replace the ink cartridge of one color at will, so as to improve work efficiency, save resources and reduce printing costs. The lx900 print head adopts a semi fixed design. If it needs to be replaced, simply take it out of the printer and put it in without using any tools. Lx900 color label printer adopts the industry's most advanced Primera imaging perfection inkjet printing technology, so that the printed text and pictures achieve the best effect of high definition. The color ink drop is only 4PL, the black ink drop is 5.5pl, and the printing resolution is as high as 4800 DPI. It is an industrial color label printer with the smallest ink drop and the highest definition in the industry

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