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Latest polymer literature at home and abroad polyurethane latest polymer literature at home and abroad polyurethane

January 5, 2004

aqueous polyacrylate polyurethane composition and its application. This composition is used in coatings and adhesives. It is composed of an organic polyisocyanate, polyols composed of acrylic polyols and diols, compounds containing anionic groups

and active H, It is composed of isocyanate terminated prepolymer salt and water-soluble polyamine and/or hydrazine chain extender

for example, acrydic a 808t (acrylic polyol), poly (hexamethylene carbonate) glycol, dimeric glycol,

L, 4-butanediol, 2,2-dihydroxymethylpropionic acid and dicyclohexylmethane diisocyanate can react in methyl ethyl ketone in the presence of dibutyltin laurate

, neutralize with triethylamine, disperse in water and add ethylenediamine to prepare the above reactants. The new material is ldquo; Made in China 2025 rdquo; 1


wet curing resin composition for surface coating and coating products with stable storage. The cured coating obtained from this composition

has good substrate adhesion, chemical resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance. The composition includes (a)

100 parts of base resin, (b) 0 ~ 200 parts of alkyl oxidized polysiloxane compound or its partial hydrolysate, (C) Polyisocyanate crosslinker 0.1 ~ 30 parts, (d) organometallic compound as curing catalyst and (E) monoisocyanate compound

as hygroscopic agent 0.1 ~ 100 parts. A can be selected from hydrolyzed silylated polymer, fluoropolymer containing oh- and/or

acrylic polyol excellent torque testing machine. For example, aggregation γ- 10 parts of (Methacryloyloxy) propyl trimethoxysilane reacted with 5 parts of methacrylic acid-2-hydroxyethyl ester, 25 parts of methyl methacrylate, 45 parts of butyl methacrylate, 14 parts of butyl acrylate and 1 part of acrylamide in the presence of azodiisobutyronitrile to obtain a copolymer. Mix 100 parts of the copolymer with 10 parts of MKC silicate MS 56S (methyl silicate) and 40 parts of tipaque cr95 (TiO2) to obtain a enamel with a solid content of 6%. Mix the enamel with 6 parts of hmdi, 1 part of di (isooctylthioglycolic acid) dibutyltin, and 2 parts of Toluenesulfonyl

based isocyanate with a diluent sufficiently diluted to 45% of the solid content, and apply the final mixture to the surface of the pre coated epoxy

steel. The coating film has good room temperature curing property. (cal32:295225)

composition of a two-component water-soluble polyurethane coating containing a stable nonfunctional olefin polymer lotion (polyol)

and its preparation. The coating composition includes (a) a high Tg water-soluble olefin polymer lotion [without hydroxyl or carboxyl functional

groups, stabilized by a polyol emulsifier containing at least one polyol (the at least one polyol containing acid groups is stabilized by at least one active amine

and], (b) Water dispersed polyisocyanates and optionally (c) polyhydroxy alcohols. For example,

10000 parts of polyester polyol (the raw material of the 268/2 methyl methacrylate hexanediol diacrylate copolymer composite polyurethane adhesive is in a state of balance between supply and demand as a whole, and the lotion is stable) is mixed with 3.70 parts of trimethylolpropane and 40.00 parts of xp7063 (hmdi), cast and coated at room temperature, and solidified. The prepared film has a drying time (touch drying) of 30 minutes, a gloss value (20)>90, and a pendulum hardness of 120 ~ 170 cycles

ring, which has good chemical resistance and impact resistance. (cal32:295236)

water soluble polyurethane composition has good solvent resistance and water resistance. The composition in the question includes: (a)

polyurethane lotion. By treating the following substances, (a) polyurethane prepolymer containing nco-, (b) vinyl alcohol polymer with amino, primary hydroxyl

and/or acetyl group, and (c) low molecular weight compound containing amino or OH group; (B) Compounds with at least 2 groups selected from aziridine, epoxy, oxazoline, zine, isocyanate and carbodiimide. The composition can be used as binder, glass fiber binder, coating, ink, etc. For example, a prepolymer is obtained by treating adipic acid-3-methyl

yl-1,5-pentanediol copolymer, isophorone diisocyanate, 2,2-bis (hydroxymethyl) propionic acid and triethylamine. The prepolymer is treated with saponified vinyl acetate vinyl formamide copolymer, diethylenetriamine

and isophorone diamine in car locks, tail lights, handlebars, baskets and pedals to obtain a lotion,, The lotion is mixed with ethylene glycol diglycidyl ether and dried to obtain a coating with high resistance to ethyl acetate, toluene and water. (CAl32:309234)

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