The latest iPhone orders decreased by 10 domestic

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New iPhone orders decreased by 10% worldwide over the same period, and domestic green once ran out of stock

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Apple's latest iphone11 series officially launched an appointment on the 13th. In addition to Apple China officials, the domestic pre-sale channels for iPhone 11 series include tmall and Among them, on the night of the launch, tmall one minute into material testing automation is now feasible for plastic processors to pay more than 100 million, iPhone 11 Pro dark night green was robbed several times, and Apple's official flagship store replenished four times. According to the pre-sale data released by Apple tmall and, the best-selling iPhone 11 series is green. For example, the loose version and dark green version are found, and dark green is the fastest out of stock. According to foreign media reports, the world's first order volume of iPhone 11 series this year is expected to be about 8million units, a decrease of at least 10% compared with last year's 2018 iPhone. Among them, iPhone 11 accounts for 60% of the total orders, iPhone 11 Pro accounts for 10% and iPhone 11 Pro Max accounts for 30%

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