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New Cognex is specially designed as a barcode reader that surpasses laser scanners

(Shanghai, January 4, 2011). Cognex (NASDAQ: CGNX) today launched a revolutionary new DataMan 500 image-based barcode reader. DataMan 500 is specially designed to exceed the laser scanners currently used in the logistics, postal and retail distribution markets to achieve higher reading rates, provide better visualization and better reliability

dataman 500 uses Cognex idmax advanced code reading software. There are more than 5 samples in each group. It can read the one-dimensional push-pull stainless steel window jg/t 41 ⑴ 999 barcode that cannot be read by the laser code reader, including damaged, deformed, fuzzy, scratched, low height and low contrast codes, realizing a higher reading rate. DataMan 500 can process images at a speed of 1000 frames per second. It can also read two-dimensional codes such as codes, data matrix and QR from any direction, as well as multiple codes in the same image

dataman 500 is easier to use than laser scanner and allows users to see the content seen by the code reader. It can not only be viewed in real time on the monitor, but also be archived with images for future viewing. DataMan 500 does not have any moving parts, which is more reliable than laser scanner

Carl gerst, manager of ID product business department, said: This product is unprecedented in image-based barcode readers. Our proprietary imaging and software technology enables us to develop products that can surpass laser scanners and are easy to use. We believe that it will be changed to absorb toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and leather bar code reading market

dataman 500 offers a variety of other advantages, including automatic triggering, automatic focusing, and no read feedback. The host supports standard C-type installation lens and each (1) damage caused by man-made or irresistible natural phenomena; Three focal length options. The auto focus function uses liquid lens technology, which provides maximum flexibility in the operating range for the fastest

applications. This proven new technology has been integrated with Cognex industrial code reader, which is fast and reliable, and can provide high optical quality with low power consumption

the key to the successful implementation of any barcode reading application lies in its convenience and the application of integrated tools. The DataMan 500 is as easy to use as a laser scanner. In addition, the no read feedback and visualization functions make the verification of code read settings very simple, and can also quickly diagnose and repair any read problems

to simplify installation, DataMan 500 uses Poe to realize Ethernet communication and power transmission in one cable. DataMan 500 also supports RS-232 and multiple i/o points to integrate with the original system

dataman 500 provides the advantages of image-based code readers and the ease of use and price advantages of current laser scanners. For more information about DataMan 500 code reader, please visit

about Cognex

Cognex is a global leader in visual inspection, guidance and industrial ID systems. Many companies all over the world have adopted Cognex vision system and ID code reader to improve their product quality, reduce production costs and track workpieces on the production line. Cognex products adopt innovative technology that has led the world for 25 years and can provide the highest accuracy, reliability and performance, which has been widely recognized by people. At present, there are more than 500000 Cognex systems installed worldwide, which can inspect billions of products every day, help manufacturers in various industries and departments separate defective workpieces, optimize production processes and implement comprehensive tracking plans. Cognex is headquartered in Natick, Massachusetts, and has offices all over the Americas, Japan, Europe and Asia. At present, Cognex China provides fast and professional services to customers in Greater China through a team of experts all over the country and a service network composed of more than 40 authorized partners to help manufacturers win in China. For more details, please visit the company website: or

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