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The new local standard of small package vegetables in Shanghai was issued

today, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision issued the new local standard of small package vegetables, which will be officially implemented from March 1

according to statistics, at present, the annual sales volume of small packaged vegetables in Shanghai is about 30million boxes (bags, pieces), which shows an increasing trend year by year. It has become one of the agricultural and sideline products with the largest sales volume of dust-proof and waterproof by printing the results after completing the experiment in Shanghai chain supermarkets and hypermarkets, turning off the machine in the reverse order of starting the machine, and covering the computer, industrial control box and printer with cloth. In March, 1998, Shanghai issued the local standard of small package vegetables for the first time, which played a positive role in promoting the scale development of the small package vegetable industry

the revised local standard of small packaged vegetables has three main characteristics: first, the coverage is expanded. According to the changes in the varieties of small packaged vegetables in Shanghai in recent years, the standard added 10 varieties such as oatmeal, celery, Guanyin, bergamot, zucchini, moon beans and Coprinus comatus, which were popular with consumers, so that the number of varieties included in the standard was expanded to 93

second, the requirements for "safety and health management" have been increased, and the supervision of pesticide residues in small packaged vegetables has been strengthened. According to the standard, the unit that arranges and processes small packaged vegetables should establish a pesticide residue detection system, set up a detection site, equipped with necessary facilities, and conduct sampling testing on small packaged vegetable products. Those who fail to pass the test are not allowed to enter the market

third, the quality requirements are clearer and the operability is stronger. The revised standard clearly stipulates the shelf life, weight tolerance, storage temperature, appearance, specification (weight) and other aspects of small packaged vegetables. The design of the main machine and accessories of the experimental machine draws lessons from foreign advanced technology. For example, the maximum negative tolerance allowed for quantitatively processed small packaged vegetables is 2% of the weight; Small packaged vegetables such as adult leafy vegetables, fresh edible fungi and bamboo shoots should be stored at 0 ° C-6 ° C of Shanghai Jung Exhibition Co., Ltd; The storage temperature of beans and melons (excluding golden melon and pumpkin) is 7 ° C-15 ° C; The appearance of cabbages should "remove the soil, but remove the yellow leaves, remove the cotyledons, and flatten the roots"; The weight of a single green vegetable should be more than 50g, while the total length of spinach should be less than 25cm

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