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Ministry of industry and information technology: countermeasures are being formulated to deal with malicious charge deduction code

the call frequency has not changed, but the call fee has increased a lot? Newly purchased, frequently recharged but unable to call? Recently, they can also bring outstanding design freedom, and the phenomenon of illegal fee deduction by SP (service provider) has a trend of resurgence and re flooding. Experts said that higher profits than drug trafficking were an important reason for SP's illegal fee absorption. The load of the tested bags continued to increase from zero. In response, the Ministry of industry and information technology (hereinafter referred to as the "Ministry of industry and information technology") said yesterday that it was formulating terminal management measures to deal with it

210000 infected code

intelligent. There are prominent problems of malware in various downloaded applications. On April 8, CCTV's "weekly quality report" program said that as of March 10 this year, China had infected more than 210000 malicious codes that secretly deducted users' phone bills

Shanzhai may also illegally absorb fees. The Guangzhou Administration for Industry and Commerce said on its official microblog "Guangzhou industry and commerce" that some citizens bought a "high-performance" phone with more than 400 yuan. After inserting the phone card, the phone fee was automatically deducted, and the same situation occurred when replacing other phone cards. It turned out that this "high-performance" counterfeit was preloaded with automatic fee deduction software

the profit of illegal SP is higher than that of drug trafficking

due to the extremely low investment in illegal fee absorption and high profit of SP, it has been banned repeatedly. For each piece infected with malicious code, the average monthly fee will be directly deducted by at least 20 yuan. Only a malicious code that secretly withholds the phone bill directly and secretly withholds the user's phone bill of more than 50million yuan every year

Zhang Yi, chairman of AI media consulting, said that many Shanzhai machines and high imitation machines with built-in automatic fee deduction software will only deduct 1 or 2 yuan each time, and then only once a month. However, due to the huge user base in China, more than 100000 yuan of illegal fees are deducted every month, which is difficult for users to detect

luohaiyong, a senior engineer at the Institute of computing technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that criminals rent a server for only a few thousand yuan a year, but they use malicious code to rent other servers to deduct fees from users. The income is tens of millions a year, and the profit is higher than that of drug trafficking

Ministry of industry and information technology: countermeasures are being formulated

due to the widespread use of intelligence, the current third-party software application stores, forums and other channels have little or no security verification of software, resulting in the easy spread of malicious code, viruses and other software plug-ins that secretly withhold phone charges

in addition, due to the rapid development of intelligent technology recently, if you download intelligent software or preinstall it in a high imitation Shanzhai machine, criminals may have a program to make automatic secondary confirmation, resulting in the failure of monitoring measures. Some security experts said that in order to expand their business, many value-added service providers sometimes sublet the billing code, which provides the soil for malicious code to survive

Chen Jiachun, deputy director of the communication development department of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that the relevant departments are formulating the measures for the administration of mobile intelligent terminals with its main features as shown in Table 1 to protect the rights and interests of consumers. Some operators also said that in the current era of rapid development of intelligence, new ways are needed to deal with the new situation. Information times

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