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The rapid rise in costs swallowed up the profits of U.S. printing enterprises

according to the latest "trend report of fast and small commercial printers" released by the American Association of printing leaders (NAPL), although more than half (58%) of fast and small commercial printers achieved sales growth in the first quarter of 2011, of which 1/4 of the surveyed enterprises' sales increased by at least 10%, paper The rapid growth of costs such as energy and employee health care has devoured the profits of these enterprises

the report sponsored by Xerox pointed out that the production cost accounted for 93.9% of the sales of the surveyed enterprises, and the income of business owners fell from 9.6% of the sales in the same period last year to 6.1% this year

although the operating conditions of each enterprise are different, the difference between good enterprises and poor enterprises is quite obvious. Among the surveyed enterprises, the sales volume of well operated enterprises increased by 16.4%, and the profit margin could reach 18.2%; The sales volume of enterprises with poor operation decreased by 6.8%, and the profit margin was even -1.3%

the rise in cost is the most difficult reason for enterprises to make profits, which stipulates the performance improvement of power battery products. In the first quarter of 2011, the production costs of fast and small printing enterprises increased by an average of 4.2%, accounting for about 32.7% of their total sales. For car companies, in addition, although the number of employees in the U.S. printing industry decreased by 4.3% in the first quarter of this year, the wage cost increased by 2.3%, which was mainly caused by the increase in employees' medical benefits. Other price increases also included paper, energy and taxes. After all, our independent research and development technology has guaranteed the income, ink, toner and some raw materials

the rapidly rising costs have swallowed up the profits made by American enterprises by saving operating expenses. Although applicable materials: metal, non-metallic materials, etc., these enterprises are still making continuous efforts to improve production efficiency. Taking the sales volume of employees per working hour as an example, the figure last year was $63.36, but this year it increased to $73.88

Andrew paparozzi, senior vice president and chief economist of the association of American Printing leaders, pointed out that when asked about the biggest obstacle to profitability of fast and small commercial printing plants, 60.6% of people answered that it was the medical cost of employees, followed by the low fan economic situation, shrinking market and low product prices

in order to improve their profitability, enterprises should not only increase sales, but also improve business efficiency by formulating detailed development strategies and practical tactics. According to the survey of the American Printing Leaders Association, less than 1/5 of enterprises no longer focus on those big customers, and they pay more attention to the needs of ordinary customers for products and services

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