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Shenma's adiponitrile localization project with an annual output of 50000 tons can be put into operation as soon as the end of 2022.

recently, at the board meeting held by Shenma, a proposal on the establishment of a wholly-owned subsidiary was passed. Shenma plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Pingdingshan nylon new material industrial agglomeration area to build an annual output of 50000 tons of adiponitrile project. The registered capital of the company is 300 million yuan and the construction period is 2 years. The 50000 ton adiponitrile project invested and constructed this time adopts the "technology of direct hydrocyanylation of butadiene to adiponitrile", which is the most advanced adiponitrile production technology at present, with the advantages of less investment, low energy consumption, less pollution and high product quality. The project is built in the experimental process area of high stability control of chemical industry agglomeration in Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, which will effectively give play to the advantages of the agglomeration area in the nylon industrial chain. Some public utilities rely on other enterprises in the agglomeration area, which is very beneficial to the cost control of the project. Adiponitrile is the key raw material for the production of nylon 66. Due to high technical barriers and investment thresholds, it is a highly monopolized product. Most of the world's adiponitrile production capacity is for the self use of manufacturers, and only a small amount is put on the market. The global adiponitrile market tends to be tense for a long time. Since the industrialization of adiponitrile has not been realized in China, all adiponitrile needs to be imported at present. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. of this project tells you that the construction in the testing process can break itself, but the huge production capacity increase is also a huge warning to hundreds of domestic wood plastic enterprises: we can't just focus on the foreign market, and the current situation that dinitrile all depends on foreign imports, replacing some imports, is of great significance to the healthy development of domestic nylon 66 industry

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